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is a project born in 2016, but in the heart of the founder, Laura Sozzani is born with her; love for dogs let do incredible things, until the decision to create Pet Ita and its brand Switchdog.

Switchdog aims to let our best friends to live in the best possible comfort, from the walk to home relax, not forgetting a touch of glamour with a particular attention to design.

Each product

is designed, tested and approved in preview by family friends including Wally, our legendary French bulldog; wellness is the basic concept in the study phase of our projects, where the materials used strongly characterize the development. The choice to use cruelty-free material is at the base of our creative philosophy, together with the interchangeability of the elements.

Often among our human friends, we meet famous designers that loves animals like Laura Sozzani and they observe their behaviour, to create objects and unique and practical products, designed to meet the exact needs of our dogs…. A special thanks to Claudia Degiorgi, Nicoletta Frate, Alberto Savattiere and Marco Lana.

This is our mission and our slogan is: It’s funny to be a dog if you choose Switchdog!!!


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Switch Lab was born in 1970 in the heart of Laura Sozzani, it is grow alongside with dad’s creative imprint, Mr. Francesco Sozzani, painter and musician, until today when fit in the organization working of Switch Lab two dogs designer, Mr. Matrix and Mr. Wally: they are the engine of ideas for Switch Lab.

The first for our inspiration, they inspire our creations, their wishes are realized by the pencil of our staff and interaction with a talented designers who believe in our projects.



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Nicoletta Frate deals and is involved with product design since 2003 and with more than 40 products active in production on the national and international market.

In specific, she deals and creates products that follows under concepts, to the appliance of models building/creating in 3d until forming stamps for the production in serial parts, operating in different sectors.

Nicoletta’s experience and formation reaches out to different families with good knowledge of the industry and with good active capacity: she was diplomate and has good knowledge in the art of wood carving and then had her degree in innovating textiles, she continued and carry on comparing herself with great distribution, specializing in projects that masters in plastic materials.

In 2007 she was qualified as a graphic designer, working on corporate identyties, advertisement, web and packaging.

From 2008 she gives great support to activities in teaching abilities such as concept Design, exploring design and innovative materials for design in the school of Polytechnic of Design in Turin.

From 2009 to 2011 she has worked as teacher in Master Cours of Product Design of Technology of materials in Polytechnic Shool Design in Milan.

Parallel it is very challenging as activity of research which are taken from the lab of materials (MATto), a sector that is located inside the Polytechnic of design in Turin,  supported by Chamber of Commerce of Turin, where she acts and has roles of advisor for the companies in productivity of this national territory interested in innovating the industrial product starting from a structured chosen idea of the materials.

Currently Nicoletta practices the profession of an independent designer to purpose to bring in her office,  FrateDesignLab, competences from the different experiences in developed work industries: ideas in design, teaching her abilities and research.



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