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Switchdog is a project that came to life in 2016, with the aim of creating dog collars, harnesses for small and medium-sized dogs, leashes, bags for bon-ton dogs and luxury accessories for dogs; the love for dogs said incredible choices, until the decision to create PET ITA and its brand Switchdog, always in the heart of the founder Laura Sozzani, to pursue a dream of a child who has always been in love with animals.

Within the range of products made each article uses quality materials and is designed to allow the dog to move freely; for this purpose we have made use of the advice of qualified veterinary surgeons, especially for the ergonomic study of harnesses for medium-sized dogs and leashes for dogs. Some dog collars and our other products are among the few, currently on the market, subjected to resistance tests at research centers, with excellent results.

The choice of materials of non-animal origin is at the base of our philosophy, together with a particular attention to design that returns to our luxury accessories for dogs a unique and recognizable aesthetic. We use these materials for the production of all our items, whether they are harnesses for small and medium-sized dogs, as well as collars for small and medium-sized dogs, or leashes for dogs or even our little dog sack bags for dogs fashion and synonymous with luxury accessories for dogs. We also choose 100% made in Italy cottons or synthetic furs for all our dog coats and for all dog clothing, always respecting nature. The research on new materials to be used for the realization of our accessories for dogs is continuous and often leads us to know new fibers still unexplored in the Pet field: on this we base our policy!

We think that those who love their dog, want to share with him their own way of seeing the world. He wants to express his lifestyle. He wants to have fun with him in telling each day through objects that describe the moods and sensations, making the agreement that binds them stronger. Responding with our ideas to these desires is the mission of Switchdog, our passion. For this we develop accessories for dogs that make the relationship with your dog unique and original.

Often among our human friends we meet well-known designers who, united by Laura's love for animals, observe their behavior and their habits of life, to create unique and practical objects and products, designed to best meet the needs of our dogs .........

For all this our slogan is: It's Funny to be a Dog if you Choose Switchdog !!!


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It is the center of Switchdog's ideas, to study new dog collars every day, harnesses for small dogs and harnesses for medium-sized dogs, leashes, bon-ton dog carriers, cushions and kennels for small and medium-sized dogs and luxury accessories for dogs.
Born in 1970 in the heart of Laura Sozzani, she grew up alongside the creator with the creative imprint of father Francesco Sozzani, painter and musician by profession, until the very day when two very attentive Dog Designers were inserted in the Switch Lab staff. Mr. Switch and Mr. Wally: the Switch Lab engine is theirs.
The first to inspire our creations, their wishes come true through the pencil of our internal creators and the interaction with careful designers who wanted to believe in our projects. 



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