Do you carry dog poop bags or bon-ton handbags for my mom?

Do you carry dog poop bags or bon-ton handbags for my mom?
02 Apr


Hi to all my friends, today I want to tell you what happens in the family when we go to the city, we country dogs!
Do you remember me? Is there any new visitor?
It is Switch, or rather Dr. Switch, the nephew of the wise uncle Wally. They are .. er ... we are the dog owners of Switchdog, the petfriendly brand of our mother Laura. He shares with her the passion for dogs, father Pier.
Whoever takes care of us is always the mother, who is a little careless and always busy, with a thousand things to do.
We left very late for our weekend in the city and Mama packed at least 4 changes of dog accessories, including our favorite Ribbon Norway harnesses in the new spring colors, 4 little coats each (but who puts them on with the heat that makes?), our dog carrier for hotel stays, bowls and baby food as if there were no tomorrow and everything necessary for a survival course of at least 30 days at the edge of the world! Ah ... Women !!
He also accessorized his bag with a personalized dog poop bag holder for her, limited edition for my dog ​​(I'm IO !!).
All perfect. Also for her and papy she filled a suitcase for a 15-day vacation and so, beautiful loads, we left for Verona, where they welcomed us with open arms at the Hotel Milano & spa; a super cool structure with fantastic views of the Arena and even more fantastic hospitality for us 4-legged.
Uncle Wally and I want to compliment this 100% PetFriendly Hotel, thank you for giving us a nice pillow (even if we have a little snubbed!). And thanks for the mini doggybag you gave us at the restaurant to enjoy your meals in the room at best!
In short, all fantastic, except for one particular ...... We make our bisognini at home in the meadow, but in the city they must be collected and of course the mother has brought her super trendy poop bag but .... IT HASN'T INSERTED A REFILL FOR THE BAGS ....... So poor Pier had to beg from the passers-by for some bags to collect our puzzettes !!! What a figure !!!
The moral of this day: go and trust women, especially with one or two dogs!
Thanks Verona for the welcome and thanks Hotel Milano & spa for the kindness and ......... thank you for existing Papy !!
Word of my dog, Dr. Switch.


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