Meet the dog: as a human must do to present his dog to friends

Meet the dog: as a human must do to present his dog to friends
19 Apr


This need arises from the fact that often when I go around with my humans and Uncle Wally, everyone rubs my face, caresses my head and tries to give me some kisses, but who asked? Who authorized them? Then Uncle Wally comes into play if he can trim a pinch with his teeth, as good as he is!
And so here I want to tell you: Harry, let me introduce you to the dog! My dog ​​does not like to be approached without the usual presentations.
I want to dedicate an article to explain how to do it: when a human encounters another human for the first time, it is a good idea for them to present themselves by saying their names and shaking hands; the same must be done with us hairy friends.
So when a human encounters another human with a dog, before hitting the dog, he must: move up to the dog, stretch a hand as a sign of friendship and see what happens, making sure first with the human that his dog is willing to the knowledge of strangers.
Only after this first approach will it be possible to understand if the dog is pleased to get acquainted, I don't want to know all the ladies who caress me! Some have smells (or scents) that I don't like, others are too intrusive or have too bright voices or, worse still, are accompanied by screaming babies (how much uncle Wally collides!).
Of course if the lady is lowered to my level, I see her in the eyes and she seems nice to me, then then she can also kiss me, as long as she is well with my mother: she is very jealous of me and of her uncle ……. Calmly!
I believe, Dr. Switch - my dog ​​is a Doctor, that the moment of knowledge is a very important phase of socialization, but as such it must be addressed! Often it happens when I am around that people don't ask for anything and they catapult over me or Wally like we were stuffed animals (of course we are beautiful eh !!), attention we are sweet, but with a strong character and we don't like sudden unauthorized intrusions, give us time to know and understand who we are dealing with, if we like it and then if we want to fill it with kisses and affection as only we bullies can do.
I hope that today's topic "let me introduce you to the dog" has been useful to all the friends who love dogs and also those who fear them to understand a little better how we are made and what we want. Respect for roles ... it's important!
We were born to be kissed and pampered, but by whom we bullies, word of Dr. Switch.
Keep calm and bacio tutti is my new sglogan!


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