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Tuesday, 03 October 2017 17:36

FAMILY STORIES: Victor, the dog with a big heart!

Today I want to move you a little with the story of one of my cousins ​​a bit 'special.
He is called Victor and I hope so much that this name will bring him luck in the future!
He's like Uncle Wally's nephew and so he's my cousin, I hope! The degrees of kinship are not my forte !!!
He as a puppy was the most beautiful of the litter and his human mother Paola fell in love immediately!
He was one of the first of the litter to find family, but something did not go as it should .......
After not even two days since the foster in his family that was to be forever, his new mother saw that the puppy was not well and taking it to the vet after investigations have diagnosed to Victor a cardiac problem to be treated immediately! His new mother thought he could not do it and decided to bring it back to Paola ....... He did not understand what was happening, but he found himself living in the company of 5 new friends who love him and cuddle him a lot, they are: Zelda her natural mother, Zoe her grandmother (mother of Zelda), Il paciocco, La poisosa and Ziwa the grasshopper. All together they make a nice bunch of bullies !!!!! They are beautiful and all wear collars, leashes, harnesses and switchdog carts! When I place an order I follow them directly! They are my favorite customers!
In September Victor will have to undergo an important intervention in the heart where he risks a lot, but for his survival this is essential, I hope so much that the name that his mother Paola gave him is a good omen!
We bullies have different health problems, but we are unique in making us love by our families!
Come on Victor! We are all with you!

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