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Friday, 28 July 2017 15:16

HOW MUCH DEEP IS A SUITCASE , travelling with love

This morning there is a lot of movement at home, they all seem very busy and, unaware of what is happening, I have a strategic position to observe.Here we go again: start going around the house that strange thing with the wheels on which the other time I pee and I have been scolded ......... Uncle Wally but what is this thing that looks like a spaceship, up whose mother sits and jumps on top: strange these humans!
Here: we entered holiday preparation mode!
Mom Laura and dad Pier are super agitated and busy in a thousand preparations, Wally is the only one who does not seem stressed, indeed, lying on his pillow for dogs, has more resigned air of those who saw this scene more and more times.I do not! I want to understand if they will take us with them and what will be the destination of the trip. For a moment the bedroom is empty. Maybe Laura and Pier are deciding together what to bring, so I certainly have a lot of time to take a closer look at the luggage.I move into the room and stuff myself into a suitcase that is still open.
I want to see if there's anything about me and Wally. At first glance I see nothing that can satisfy my curiosity.
I only see well-folded clothes that otherwise would not fit in the suitcase given the number.
I insert my curious nose with much difficulty under the first layer of laundry. These are the occasions when I would like to be a wolf, able to turn it all over with a nose acrobatics.
Nothing ... I do not see anything that concerns me! Not a game, not a croquette, nothing! I have to go deeper and make room between a sneaker and a bikini. I almost got to the bottom of the suitcase, when I hear my name "Switch !!!!" ... no thud, however, nobody fainted.
I slug out of the baggage and only then I realize that I made a mess.
The well-folded and tidy clothes are now a shapeless mountain of fabric ... and among these there is also the t-shirt that Laura made thinking of us with the writing DOG with a beautiful heart in applied leatherette, a sign of her love for me and uncle! Too late to hide, there is no more time: he saw me!
But being on vacation Laura does not get angry, she laughs with Uncle Wally and tries the impossible task of closing the suitcase. Pier helps her paying attention not to forget even a very precious stocking: it's true love!
So what do we travel with? Laura seems to understand my look at the question mark and prepares our travel bag, where there is a complete leash and collar or harness for luxury dogs such as me and uncle, a different one for each day of our holiday. A harness to take us to the sea, a fashion gold collar for the evening to take us to dinner, a red leash for the day and a black one for the evening. We have more things for me and uncle than for mom and dad! So I calm down, even if a little 'I stress always having to do the dog model for the Switchdog ... of course I'm cool!
Uncle Wally also gets up, stretches, and proceeds to the front door.
He's already wearing his harness and in a moment I'm also equipped with a collar and leash and get in the car.
We start !!!
I do not want to know where we go, I like surprises: the important thing is that we are all together. Who knows how many friends we will know and how many languages ​​will we learn to speak? I'm sure they take us abroad because they made us passports! Mom was thinking of writing to me about her because I'm small, but they did it to me too.
So happy holidays to all !!
And if you want to post your images on our social networks on vacation with your family, we will travel the world with you! And you are connected as I tell you about our journey: Switchdog on travel!
Happy holidays to all! See you in September!

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