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Tuesday, 04 July 2017 14:27

HAPPINESS IS FOR EVERYONE! Those who find a friend find their smile again

Too many times I met four-legged friends with a smile marked by difficult past.

Too many times I heard barking silently.

Too many times I have seen signs and scars in the depth of a look.

We are many and often infiocchettati as gift packages, like a toy that quickly becomes obsolete and is put aside.

Every day I think about how I and Wally have been lucky, desired and welcomed into a loving family that treats us like real children.
For many it lasts too little for the vanity of feeling loved a little longer.

And that's what happened to Vans, the mum's friend's dog, Barbara the Hair Stylist, who was adopted with her little brother by a family who both sent them back to the sender after a few weeks.
Maybe they were already tired of him, his long hair to handle or maybe because when he was taken was a nice puppy and it was not thought that the dogs are peeing around and be followed, they are not stuffed animals!
In the drama of abandonment, luck has wanted Barbara to meet him and take him with her: it was love at first sight! The ruffled hair, the dull look of a broken heart and a gentle gesture with the paw "I need you and I choose Said done ... makeup and wigs like only the mother's friend can do! Vans was very lucky to choose who takes care of him ... soul and body!

Wally and me always enjoy it when they come to visit us, even if they have recently shown their snobby side. Maybe because he spends the whole day between curlers and glossy magazines, but sometimes he observes us with an air of superiority and I can not help but check to have all the folds of my cloak bring it in order. I always feel I must be impeccable in his presence!

Wally instead, who is always very wise, looks at him amused. Especially when Vans prepares for official photos by taking a spontaneous pose, like a VIP on the red carpet.

Despite all we endure and that funny and imperfect smile is true, of a dog that has rediscovered happiness.

Sometimes abandonment creates deeper and more invisible wounds of physical abuse and causes inability to react.

Vans instead reacted strongly and received great support. And not only! His mistress has also honored him with a complete set of Switchdog products: leash, collar, harness and bag carrier which, in my opinion, are those that make it pretty nice and almost likeable.

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