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Thursday, 25 May 2017 17:51

BUT WHAT WARM DOES !! The collar for dogs for all occasions!

And finally spring has exploded, a little late perhaps, but promises a very respectable summer!

Despite the air conditioning and the fan focused on my nose, today I prefer not to move a leg and stand on the stomach spread on the carpet.

Wally, as usual in a presidential position, looks at me gasping from the top of the couch.

And then suddenly they ring at the door and Wally jumps off the couch with an athletic doe that does not fit his usual laziness.

And who will ever be?

Moving calmly, I move towards the entrance from which there are already lines of "crowing" wild. It must certainly be someone important!

I approach the door and there is a snout as my door crosses the door and breaks into the room.

And who would that be? How come I have not been warned? Why was not it announced?

Wally, however, "is no longer in the folds", never seen so happy!
We move into the garden and it's as if I did not exist, nobody took care of the official presentations.
But in the shade of the old willow in the garden you think better !!! It 's Caesar, they tell me, brother of Zelda, the sister Bonazza of Uncle Wally ... I did not understand much about kinship, but with this heat I make myself enough explanations!
Today in the garden has also appeared a small pool that maybe Laura has mounted for the arrival of guests and ....... SPLASH ... we did not have to say anything that Cesare has already opened the dances with a triple dip carpiato Olympic! What a style! Which class!!! We see that it comes from the capital!

Yes, because Cesare the bulldog is from Rome, even if for a while he lives in the elegant Tuscan countryside, a true "gentledog". We will certainly become excellent friends!
His decisive character did not let him hesitate before cooling down and immediately jumped into the water with enthusiasm! Fortunately, she wears the Switchdog Bijou collar which, being made of vinyl leather, does not fear water.
Its owner has chosen it on purpose, a little 'because it is attached to our brand, a little' because it is sensitive to the needs of Caesar.

Unfortunately, the heat is not really a friend of us bullies, we must be careful not to risk taking the heat stroke and refresh as much as possible.

Meanwhile, Wally observes the synchronized water movements comfortably lying on a neoprene dog pillow The Sleepy Dog, fabric used for diving suits, born to stay in the water.
I am undecided ... I dive or I do not dive?

Luckily I have prepared for the arrival of summer and my "trial collar" I have already done! I chose a collar in 100% made in Italy vinyl leather! I love the French bulldog collars that made Switchdog, craft collars also for small dogs like me.I recommend biped friends: think of our health on these hot days and make sure to guarantee the thermal comfort we need! It is easy for our body to overheat and suffer a lot. Choose quality products made from the most suitable materials for this.


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