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Thursday, 23 March 2017 17:59

THE IMPERFECT LEASH, how to make an ordinary day move

Dear friends, I want to tell you something that we and my uncle witnessed yesterday.

Like every morning the cuddles in the Latvian of our human mother, Laura, while we wake up in the company of my uncle Wally, are the most pleasant thing that can happen ......... especially when the human Pier is already at work and we can kiss all…. but then comes the duty: the hard work !!

"Switch! Wally !! Let's go! "Laura's voice calls us to the first walk in the garden of the house, what uncle and I ruin and that the human tries to regrow with so much effort ...... ..
And then comes the beloved breakfast based on human biscuits, what goodness! Before starting a hard day they are fantastic, sure if I could avoid sharing them with Wally!
Then you get dressed and viaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Super cool leash attached to the collar for luxury dogs and we are ready for the usual walk.

The path is always the same, but I have to say that Laura is very creative because she makes directional changes based on the shoes she wears for the occasions and business meetings of the day. Because yes, she works hard and I, willingly or not, must follow her. I walk slowly to make her a pleasure so that she does not fall from the heels that she stubbornly puts on, not like that uncle of my uncle who pulls like a Husky ...... .. to avoid that he chokes them put the harness in vinyl leather from the custom design for bullies that Laura has designed especially for him, but it's like a mule ......... sure not everyone has my class of dandy dog!

I appreciate the first stretch of road, always the same with my favorite corners: the large planter between the beauty salon and the delicatessen, meeting of heavenly perfumes with a bold contrast, and the car wheel of our neighbor, always parked in a double row. And I leave my signature ... "Tiè ... remember me!" We arrive with a smile canine to refresh ourselves in a downtown cafe, sitting near a lovely English table in wrought iron, naturally iced and naturally in the dehor because it will be that my muzzled face does not reveal an affable character, but the dogs, as far as the managers tell it, they are never welcome. It will be the hair, it will be the embarrassment that we French bulldogs create when we sgasiamo ......

And here is the second breakfast of the day, a biscuit stretched under the table ....... Dog life is hard! And while I think, this my uncle complains about the usual life, always the same things ...... as always today we will have to go to the office, sit on the cushions designed for us and that we must use, try some new fashion leash, talk to some customer and ...... what a bore ....... How boring………
Suddenly, however, here is the twist!

With my refined flair, which is the envy of the best sommelier in Paris, while the uncle is a post-cookie biscuit, I feel the approach of a beautiful female model: a beautiful petite Chihuahua, a little 'charming with a harness for small dogs with rhinestones, pretty.
He gets closer and closer and I can not assume the standing position as suggested by the bon ton that I am teaching in that "very boring" training school, in the remote hope that I become a gentle dog. But there is a good smell of croquettes in the air. I like it! It's called Brioche and is my first woman ...... ..
Our owners say hello: it's the first date of the day apparently!

A few moments of apparent calm, a few sniffs here and there and here is that Brioche enraged towards the bike path, squawking like a hen suffering from a personality disorder. I realize only then that his mistress has accompanied her with an extensible leash and that she forgot to put the block. But then ... nobody told her that in the city it is not recommended for safety reasons to use the extensible?
Here ... the scene shakes me, even the adored folds that I have on the whole body are smoothed out, while my uncle still has to understand what happened ... ..
It all happens in a few seconds.

Brioche and her human companion, a carambola: she who starts with momentum, slips like a sewing machine needle between the frame of the bicycle and the handlebars, with a skill and a dexterity that can only be seen at the circus Orfei, the unfortunate that shoulder and ends wrapped up with dog and bicycle, becoming a whole ... and ready for a contemporary art gallery!

Eh nothing ... the meeting of work and love has been solved in a few minutes, with a tumble and a great scare! Stuff to make us stay breakfast on the stomach .........

And you four-way friends what do you think of this increasingly topical topic in our specialized magazines? Better fixed leash or extendable leash? Or free? I vote free !!!

Moral of the day: never prefer practicality to safety and above all: it's funny to be a dog if you choose Switchdog products! Use the Leash by Switchdog and choose all the versions available on our online shop.

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