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Thursday, 23 March 2017 17:59

THE MINIBAG OF THE HEART. The bag holder for me!

Bau friends!

Today I'm talking about an essential product for our walks, a "must have": the dog carrier for our neighbors.

There are many on the market, but a careful choice is necessary: ​​it will also be a useful accessory, but why renounce aesthetics? After all, it's like our walking bag!

Most bon ton cases are made of rigid plastic and I will not tell you the noise they produce when they bang here and there when our owner takes us for a walk!

On the market of luxury accessories for dogs, the most popular and widespread shoe cases, aim at the recognizable and relevant image of the bone and the colors and patterns are so many! Some companies have chosen to make some rubber, perhaps just to meet us in the protection of our hearing.

Speaking of shapes, I do not understand that some of these accessories recall objects or animals very distant from us: the flower, who knows it if not because I pee on it; I eat the fish every day even if it does not make me crazy, but we are not friends ...., or the flask ... do you think it remotely resembles a Saint Bernard dog?

Another important factor is: who brings the accessory? The dog or the master?

I think it must harmonize with both and not be an obstacle.

I hate to bind me objects of dubious taste or see them dangle in front of my face! They are hypnotic !!! And then that ugly those dogs all haughty that go around with the green bag tied to the leash: Uncle Wally, I would never like this as my partner!
So, following my advice as a true dandy dog, my owner tried to combine aesthetics and functionality, just thinking of the needs mentioned above.

Use soft bags in vinyl or neoprene, which have "very lovely" shapes and colors. Not only the classic bone, but also a heart, a symbol of the bond that unites us, a small handbag, because he knows I'm sensitive to fashion, and a nose that looks like mine! But what I love the most is the bone incorporated on a leash: the result is a minimal product! He stands in his place, he is discreet and silent, he does his job without making me look ridiculous.

And then every now and then Laura has the brilliant idea, as we are two, Uncle Wally and me, to put the little bags directly attached to her bag, which we like a lot because it makes it too different from other mothers, and we always want distinguish ourselves! I said mine. What do you think? Do you share your walks with a cup cake or a matryoshka? Uncle and I NO! We want to be super fashion urban and dandy dog ​​from the tip of the ears to the cork that we have to queue.


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