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Hello my friends.
What happened in these three days !!! It's been Tuesday evening that a lot of friends call us to get the custom custom dog collar I talked about in the blog on Tuesday morning. They ask us to have more clarification on the colors available, on sizes and if it is true that you can write anything you want.
We try to help you: the colors of the dog collars in vinyl leather available for personalization are: beige-brown, green-gray, blue-jeans, red, black. They are our collars for dogs of the Easy collection and as sizes start from collars for small dogs (3/4 Kg.) Up to collars for large dogs (25/30 Kg.), Depends on the circumference of the neck. The leash for dogs are those of our collection The Leash and the colors with which you can realize the customization are about 10 different and you can find them on our site page.
Today we received a request from the Tito staffy that I want to tell you: next week Tito is 10 years old, that his mother Cristina has happily spent with him, quadruped which gave a lot to the family unit in which it was inserted coming from a year in a family a bit 'difficult and coming to his adoptive family from a rescue. Tito has been able to forget everything and be wanting an infinite good from his family and for this his mother has chosen for him a dedication on his custom dog collar that moved me: To err is human, to forgive is canine: word of Titus! And there was all because Tito has a giant neck! A good giant!
But other tears are getting ready for our dog leashes: the beautiful Jolie has chosen for the wedding of her mother the collar for dogs in Chic & Events vinyl skin cream, studded with rhinestones, with the leash for dogs personalized with the inscription: Just Married! What a day tears tears ...... and Wally in all this does? The cool guy with the dog collar in Jeans Switchdog with the words Wally: the coconut of mum and to me for now has remained the one with Switch: the dwarf terrible and the mother is preparing me a new collar for red dogs with the inscription: Switch : perfect thief ...... .. what anger! Sooner or later they will do that with Switch: Switchdog's boss.


Hello everyone!
My heart-shaped dog carrier bag I gave to Jolie impressed! The girl is in love with me on the dot!
Mum says that now I have to behave well and I must be a gentleman, I do not have to bite her elbows like I do with Wally, I do not have to suck her ears (treatment reserved for Uncle Wally, promised) and I do not have to pretend to always be the first in line walk, I have to walk alongside and leave my dog ​​leash soft: I'll do it? What a difficult task for Don Giovanni! Almost, I almost give up my conquest to my uncle, but Dad says it's not done! What a good thing to be a dog of good manners ... and guys this is the worst: I can no longer howl my love to the other dogs I meet! While I do all these profound reflections, the usual family genius, the mother's coconut, a new one has been invented! He asked the guys at Switchlab, the Switchdog ideas workshop, and convinced them to design a new bag for fashion dogs, shaped like a bulldog like others, but with the word Bull Dog where instead of Or wanted a heart: the usual mawkish! And the Switchlab boys listened to him: damn him! It came out a product almost beautiful, indeed perhaps beautiful, perhaps ... Mum saw him and said: "guys do it even in jeans, as well as in black and red leather! And with the same shape and size we also make patches that I can use as patches for my jeans, I can apply them on my t-shirts making them exclusive, or I can apply them to the bag for the beach! "
So here a riot of Frenchie exploded everywhere! Dog bags for mini-bon French-style dogs, mini-frenchie patches as merchandising and that ugly immature with Wally's designers has almost been elected Head of Office at Switchlab! And me? I have to be serious with my new girlfriend! My hard life! Thank goodness that dad understands me! Yes, I never said that, but if Wally is the mother's coconut, I'm dad's coconut, I'm the only one that makes ants come in his feet while he sleeps because I sleep on top and he does not tell me anything, I'm always I'm the boss here at Switchdog, I'm Switch!

And here we are! Finally, the new products of the Spring-Summer Switchdog collection have taken shape and are ready to be immortalized in a triumphant shot.

The shooting session was held last weekend at my dad's Garden Zanet, which provided the photographer with a space in which backdrops and lights were set up. Yes, because these days, we could not count on an accomplice climate for the "summer" open air shots and so we invented some beautiful ones!

There were more than 20 four-legged friends accompanied by their very available parents and, I have to admit ... reluctantly ..., they were beautiful with the new Switchdog dog accessories.

Wally and I had to stay a little apart and leave the scene to them while they were taking shots.

They have worn collars for dogs and leashes for dogs in new materials and colors, suitable for the carefree of the beautiful season that comes close: accessories for dogs in cork with prints with geometric patterns; dog collars and leashes for dogs with integrated bag holder in reptile-like vinyl leather combined with fresh and bright colors; French bulldog collars in jeans with fashion studs; clothing for dogs in neoprene suitable for contact with water and usable in spring and autumn with a print that looks just like my beautiful face.

All these new products have been designed with particular attention to the choice of materials, drawing from the rich proposal of the market that offers increasingly innovative materials, and with an eye to the fashion world that begins to introduce four-legged friends in the parades of high fashion, reassuring confirmation that Switchdog is moving in the right direction pursuing the goal of a total look that puts in communication dog and owner.

The guests behaved very well, very professional, the real dog model ... and they were also nice! In the backstage we made friends!

We hope it will be the beginning of a lasting relationship of collaboration and brotherhood.

Meanwhile, the shots are flowing one by one on the catalog that will be ready with an official presentation on March 10th!

Keep following us!


Bye Bau

Christmas is in the air, dear friends, and we hairy we have heard it for some time!

No need to wait for lights and colored balls, we just need to see some small synthetic fir tree that already we have some great ideas!

I, who are Switch, and Uncle Wally adore walking in the streets decorated in this period, all the lights of the decorations are mirrored in the studs of our The Boss collars in felt and leather, made by our mother: ours are dog collars made in Italy 100% and we are even more beautiful and fashionable. And then, let's face it, the colors of the French bulldog collar The Boss are just Christmas: bright red, green elf and blue sugar paper (it will be edible? ...... I'm always hungry !!).

The mother combines the collar for medium-sized dogs The Boss on a leash for dogs The Leash for The Boss, which has a warm felt handle that keeps the hands warm while walking. We feel very admired and seems to recognize us on the street! After all we are the official dog model of Switchdog!

This Sunday, however, the spotlight turned on to other 4-legged friends who attended the Christmas Shooting held in Seregno at the Candy Pets Boutique shop!

It was great to see the owners' enthusiasm in wanting to give a moment of notoriety to their 4-legged friend, sharing his images on social media in a challenge like a hit and involving him in a Christmas cut photo set ... c 'they were Santa Clauses and four-legged Elves everywhere !!!

An interesting opportunity for everyone! High-level photo shoots and a concrete meeting opportunity that will be followed by a photo shoot session for the Switchdog spring collection.
I stood aside, in the warmth of my Huggy dog ​​coat in leatherette and ecological fur, to admire so many dogs that have ventured into poses as true stars.

Switchdog's family is expanding ... lots of new friends to hold a paw!

CHRISTMAS SHOOTING - "Christmas with the collar for dogs The Boss"

Hello my friends, after the delirium for custom dog collars Switchdog, I'm having a lot of fun reading all the sweet, bizarre, funny and special dedications that the owners have decided to impress on the collars for dogs or leashes for dogs of their companions of life, like a tatoo, but without touching our skin! What a beautiful fashion! I like it!

And so, my mother and Wally, we wanted to do something new for our quadruped brothers! Bridges and periods of festivals and holidays are approaching and more and more in the cities it is necessary to intervene with the civic sense that must represent an erudite owner of pet dogs, collecting our chopsticks and not leaving them in the streets and parks! We are not correct if we leave them around the city, we must learn to collect them!

So we thought to make bags for fashion dogs, which, having more pleasant shapes, we will use more willingly, comfortable to attach and move in any situation, silent and soft during the walks and that remind us of value: a heart like affection that we are able to give, a bone that we like so much, a paw - our hand and then the faces of some of our friends. We want to present these objects in this article because we believe that our bags for bon-ton dogs are particularly representative of our brand and useful for the cause of a cleaner city and a growing civic sense!

My mother always has some bags for our dogs everywhere and what I prefer is the cream-colored one with my face impressed, too bad that they have not even thought of it as a brindle like me! But even Wally this time he had to settle for the brown dog bag holder, even if he's caille or better he seems to have spilled a bucket of paint on his back even if the mother who is poetic says that it seems to have been painted by a painter ...... .Do you know what I do? I'm going to give Jolie a nice little bag holder for dogs in red heart-shaped vinyl leather from the Minibag Mini collection, so maybe you can take a bit of the nose from me when I meet her at the park, or I can invite you to run a bit 'with me in the Switchdog's garden, while Wally is in the driving range practicing maintaining good manners with me: I'm brilliant! Or the terrible little dwarf that mom says? They are simply Switch: the cool of Switchdog!

Friends I recommend you learn to do your needs in places a bit 'apart and not in front of the windows, but above all be sure that they are collected wherever you are!


Bau bye


collari per cani custom video



Hello my friends, this week I can let off steam! Do you want to know why? I'll explain it to you: my mother gave me and Uncle Wally a fantastic gift: a personalized dog collar with a personalized dedication. He wrote to me: Switch the terrible dwarf (who knows why) and to that cuddly uncle Wally wrote: Wally the mother's coconut. How beautiful I am! Wally and I are proud because all those we meet on the street call us by name without asking anything, they know that I'm Switch and that I'm terrible, the dwarf they get there on their own! And Wally does not stop being pampered like a pimp! With these dog collars made of vinyl leather now, even if we run away, they immediately bring us home because inside our mother has also made us write the telephone number of her and the Switchdog.From this thing was born a fantastic project: we dogs can do outing, we can give voice to our thoughts! Fantastic! I immediately called a couple of friends and were born the most crazy leather collars for dogs in the world! The fox terrier Pippo wanted to write: Goofy ... what the fuck you do! The friend Benito wanted a custom dog collar where his mother Paola wrote Benito our infinity. The bullet Maya chose a French bulldog collar in red vinyl leather with Maya writing: the fashion victim bullet (she could write a shorter thing, but like all females she must always do the different ... ..) and I gave one to a dog that just dislikes me with: Baloo: he broke my balls! How nice to do outing !!!

And then my mum explained to me that customization is also creating it for a chain of luxury hotels in Milan on our dog bag holders, as a courtesy gift to their guests: we too are now important customers for hotels all over the world. garde! And some dog farms are considering them to customize our collars for small dogs or our dog leashes with the name of their affix!

And to think that the name Custom was born from an idea of ​​Dad who is a motorcycle enthusiast and always reads of Custom Motor magazines as Rider and always says that they are unique projects, each one made specifically and not repeatable, like our collars for Custom dogs. Now I'm going to tell Mom that I want one with the words: Switch, Switchdog's boss!

Choose also the phrase you want for your quadrupeds! Switchdog will make you a personalized and unique dog collar!




collari per cani skin video



Hello my friends, this week they make me do a lot of work ....... I'm tagging all the new collections of accessories for dogs that my mum Laura has completed ....... and my uncle: look at Mom with those eyes of a flatterer and does not move a paw!

Good thing that in three days is Easter, although I ...... have already put together with chicks and eggs for a week to make the testimonial of our Easter spot. Poor me! I have not even been able to give him a kiss to the chick ...... .. how nice that it is from the real boring that we have and Wally to play that every time you crush that sound so annoying! Too bad that I could not crush ... .. Mom said that if I touched a feather put me on bread and water for a week! What character ....... But come to us: what do your humans give you for Easter? To me the yellow dog collar in vinyl leather and python print I'm wearing in the picture. When I saw the whole collection with the three spring colors of the collars for small and medium sized dogs made by Switchdog, I immediately chose for me the turquoise, but that uncle's little boy had already taken him and then Laura made me choose between the dog collar made in Italy orange or yellow. Yellow seemed to me the minor damage because the orange reminds me too much of the smell of medicine that make me take when I go to the park to eat crap .... But at the end looking at the photos I do not mind! Certainly yellow is better for me than for my uncle!

But I find that the dog that is best with the collar for medium-sized yellow dogs is the one who stole the cover face for the Switchdog catalog, is called Mario who with his father Luigi make a perfect couple! Mario is a cousin of mine, in the sense that I am French and he is English, weighs 3 times myself and with the collar for dogs in vinyl skin Skin in size L is a cool spatial! Now I run away to call him to wish him Easter greetings!

Best wishes to all our friends from our staff for a peaceful Easter! I start the dance of the sun, otherwise it is bad for us, we would like a picnic of Easter on the seashore ...... .. hope in Aeolus, otherwise I'll think about it .......... Switch!



collari per cani cork video



Dear friends, I do not know how you are put, but I am very badly placed! I'm Switch, my name means change, but I can not change the weather!
My mother is very nervous because she says she can not stand the cold anymore; I'm fine, she's always worried about covering me and Uncle Wally when we go out, with our new Bullover dog coats. Laura is always chilly and this year must have already made at least three influences ... maybe that's why she's so angry!

Not enough is complaining in recent days that must already prepare the samples of the new collars in vinyl leather for next winter to take to Interzoo in Nuremberg: in short, it is desperate .......

And then Uncle Wally and I today gave her a present: we have snatched from the new Switchdog catalog of the Spring / Summer 2018 collection, containing all the news of our fashion dog accessories maison, the page with photographed those two beautiful bullets named Julie and Angel and we put it on the desk with some little teeth of our teeth.

The two models wear two collars for dogs of the new Cork collection, in the version of the print on cork with black polka dots: a sight to behold! The two beauties are at the sea! The sky is blue and they with the French bulldog collars look like two Hollywood divas, they are divine! I fell in love with it, me! The uncle to stay in the theme of the sea has always instead the face of boiled fish! What a mess of comrade, thank goodness that I conquered for him too!

Mum explained to us that she chose cork combined with vinyl skin to make collars for small and medium sized dogs that really have the taste of summer! And the fantasies chosen are just summer: polka dot, checkered or striped. To make a total look for our fashion victims, he also created a coordinated leash for dogs and bags for dogs to put on a leash for small and medium-sized dogs. You can have a lot of fun, combining the different patterns for an exclusive look by combining chess, polka dots and stripes!

I am a romantic, I have chosen with my dad a nice pair of sunglasses for my mother that will make it look beautiful; Uncle Wally with his grandmother should take care of the beach towel: aiutoooooo ...... who knows what fantasy will choose! So Dad has promised us that we make a surprise and bring it to the sea: What a sea desire!

Too bad that at Easter if everything goes as the commander Giugliacci says, it's raining !!! Who tells him to my mom? Help my friends to stay with truffles upwards to blow the clouds away, or we can try with our little nipples, 4 legs and 6 feces of which we bullies are specialists and the sky opens up !!! If we succeed at least they will not scold us ...... !!!

Baubye from mom's skunk, Switch.



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