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Switchdog selects brand ambassadors to show on the catwalk in Milan during the QuattroZampeInFiera event on 5 and 6 October.
We would like to have dogs of all breeds as participants for 2 days of fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week; will parade and then appear in our catalog with the dog clothing of the new Switchdog collection and with the Capsule Collection #badass created in collaboration with D.a.D. by Davide Cavalieri.

The breeds we are looking for are the same as our pets muzzles!
Let's wait: French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Pugs, Labradors, Greyhounds, Dachshunds, Westie, Bull Terriers, Cavalier King, Weimaraner, Jack Russel, Amstaff, English Bulldog, Yorkshire, Maltese, Cocker and small, medium and large breed mongrels .
For each breed 2 dogmodels will be selected that will parade respectively one on Saturday and one on Sunday.
Our protagonists can be accompanied by their coolest masters or by professional models.

The selection will take place in two steps:
FIRST STEP: the photos of the dogs will be uploaded on our social channels within the dedicated event no later than midnight of 15 July; will be collected,
evaluated and preselected by a canine fashion and bon ton expert judge: Davide Cavalieri, director of Radio Bau.
SECOND STEP: the preselected dogmodels, whose photos will be shared on our social media for the final selection, will be chosen by our followers with like and love shots; a real challenge!

Now it's up to you! Upload the best photo of your dog in the dedicated event on our Facebook page to make it known to everyone for its beauty, pride, expressiveness and sympathy! Write in the comment his name and the dog breed he is competing for.

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Switchdog seleziona brand ambassadors per sfilare in passerella a Milano durante l’evento QuattroZampeInFiera nei giorni 5 e 6 ottobre.
Vorremmo poter avere come partecipanti cani di tutte le razze per 2 giorni di sfilate in occasione della Milano Fashion Week; sfileranno e poi appariranno sul nostro catalogo con l'abbigliamento per cani della nuova collezione Switchdog e con la Capsule Collection #badass realizzata in collaborazione con D.a.D. di Davide Cavalieri.

Le razze che stiamo cercando sono le stesse dei nostri musetti pets!
Aspettiamo: Bulldog francesi, Chihuahua, Barboncini, Carlini, Labrador, Levrieri, Bassotti, Westie, Bull Terrier, Cavalier King, Weimaraner, Jack Russel, Amstaff, Bulldog Inglesi, Yorkshire, Maltesi, Cocker e cani meticci di piccola, media e grande taglia.
Per ogni razza verranno selezionati 2 dogmodel che sfileranno rispettivamente uno nella giornata di sabato ed uno nella giornata di domenica.
I nostri protagonisti potranno essere accompagnati dai loro padroni più cool o da modelle professioniste.

La selezione avverrà in due fasi:
PRIMA FASE: le foto dei cani andranno caricate sui nostri canali social all'interno dell'evento dedicato entro e non oltre le ore 24,00 del 15 luglio; verranno raccolte, valutate e preselezionate da un giudice esperto di fashion e bon ton canino: Davide Cavalieri, direttore di Radio Bau.
SECONDA FASE: i dogmodel preselezionati, le cui foto verranno condivise sui nostri social per la selezione finale, saranno scelti dai nostri follower a colpi di like and love; una vera e propria sfida!

Ora sta a voi! Caricate la migliore foto del vostro cane all'interno dell'evento dedicato della nostra pagina Facebook per farlo conoscere a tutti per la sua bellezza, fierezza, espressività e simpatia! Scrivete nel commento il suo nome e la razza canina a cui concorre.

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A new project was born by chance, a bit like a game.

Davide Cavalieri, Director of Radio Bau, wanted to tell the unique relationship between dog and master through a Capsule Collection. A daily confrontation made up of complicity, emotions and ... confusion! What is always created when "tough guys" start playing together.

Therefore, garments have been developed that, through the graphics without too many quirks, want to give voice to dogs and masters #BADASS and express forcefully a valuable concept that can be shared with anyone who has the honor to have a four-legged friend in one's life "Having a dog is a joy!"

From an idea by Davide Cavalieri and the encounter with Switchdog, a company that produces only 100% Pet Friendly products using cruelty free materials, t-shirts have been developed for dogs and owners and we will continue to see some beautiful ones because the collection will soon be enriched of new proposals.

Big mustaches, lively eyes and truffle noses are the graphic features that make this Capsule Collection D.a.D. recognizable, declined in a daddy, mommy and dog version.

And the operation is already having some success and attracting the attention of magazines like Animal Glamor and All Around Kaarl.

The edition is limited, like all the Capsules that are respected, which is why it is better not to hesitate and discover the whole collection on our online shop.


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In the dog-loving world the debate is always open on what is the best solution for choosing the harness for dogs. Veterinarians, dog trainers and breeders often express discordant opinions about it. It seems, however, that the Norwegian harness for dogs is pleasing to everyone, first of all to the owner who manages to wear it on his dog with a certain agility.
In fact, the Norwegian harness is composed of only 2 elements, resulting in an intuitive wearability: the first element is the strap that overhangs the dog's chest.
acts as an element of control when the dog pulls too much; the second is the adjustable strap that surrounds the dog's chest. Click ... all done!
Switchdog has also thought of using a buckle with safety snap closure, further guarantee that the dog does not accidentally slip off the harness.
In addition to being particularly practical, thanks to a single adjustment, the Norwegian harness is comfortable for the dog and does not damage it, as it is structured not to burden the joints.
The only important note is to use soft materials, which do not create discomfort or ruin the dog's hair, and macro-sized, so that there is as much surface as possible in contact with the chest, giving a more fascinating sensation.
As with all Pet Friendly products, Switchdog uses fake leather that further softens with use.
Having more control over the dog does not mean inhibiting it! Even if your dog pulls too much, it will not be a leash accessory to dominate the character. We therefore suggest that you contact a dog educator who is able to understand the nature and help you to instruct him in order to establish with him a unique relationship of complicity.
The Norwegian harness for dogs by Switchdog is customizable with the name of your dog, a phrase, a graphic. Just choose the harness for dogs
Norway in red, black or two-color beige and brown and send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all the information on customization you want.
In the new spring-summer 2019 catalog you will also find the Norwegian Ribbon harness with a multi-strip ribbon in satin and fresh colors and summer.
Of course you can combine all our bibs with the leash for dogs The Leash, The Work Leash and Ribbon Leash for a total look super fashion!
Visit our website www.switchdog.it and discover all the accessories for dogs by Switchdog!

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Thursday, 21 February 2019 11:47

Fashion Dog Coats: we recruit dog model!


Novara will host the 21st #BulldogDay organized by C.A.B.I. - English Bulldog Amateur Club on Sunday, March 10th in the Terdoppio Park's dogs area from 14.30, on a free day for all the English bulldogs who want to get involved by challenging games organized for them, fashion shows and moments of photo shoots as real dog models, raising funds for four-legged friends in difficulty in collaboration with ENPA section of Novara.

You can register on the event page of C.A.B.I. , uploading the photo of your English bulldog, to be selected among our protagonists to try a unique day!



We will select our fashion coats for trendy dogs and our luxury accessories for dogs more suited to this breed with a soft heart, but with a powerful body and with the dogs who want to participate we will do a mini show of these products and create a mini photo set to make them protagonists of our social pages and our advertising media. The owners believe they have the perfect feeling with their dog, can try their hand at demonstrations of sitting, look at the photographer, give me the paw and give me a kiss as if there was not a tomorrow! Prepare your paws 4-legged friends, we are sure that there will be prizes and croquettes, because we all know the high level of stubbornness of our bullies who do everything for their two-legged friend, but only if there is a prize in jelly good to make a similar effort: pose for a photo dressed up all the way from our luxury accessories for dogs and fashion dog coats.

You can not miss friends English bulldogs, first cousins ​​of our two children who are French! There will be moments of pure dog fashion, we assure you!

We will also be partners of some games that will be organized by our friends of C.A.B.I., numerous participants in their activities, fun is certain!

We await your submissions by clicking on this link and uploading your four-legged friend's photo. If you like, browse through our luxury dog collections at www.switchdog.it; you will be the protagonists of a unique and pleasant day, a French bulldog word!

The Pet Family magazine talks about the details of the event in this beautiful article!

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