Dear friends, I want to tell you something that we and my uncle witnessed yesterday.

Like every morning the cuddles in the Latvian of our human mother, Laura, while we wake up in the company of my uncle Wally, are the most pleasant thing that can happen ......... especially when the human Pier is already at work and we can kiss all…. but then comes the duty: the hard work !!

"Switch! Wally !! Let's go! "Laura's voice calls us to the first walk in the garden of the house, what uncle and I ruin and that the human tries to regrow with so much effort ...... ..
And then comes the beloved breakfast based on human biscuits, what goodness! Before starting a hard day they are fantastic, sure if I could avoid sharing them with Wally!
Then you get dressed and viaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Super cool leash attached to the collar for luxury dogs and we are ready for the usual walk.

The path is always the same, but I have to say that Laura is very creative because she makes directional changes based on the shoes she wears for the occasions and business meetings of the day. Because yes, she works hard and I, willingly or not, must follow her. I walk slowly to make her a pleasure so that she does not fall from the heels that she stubbornly puts on, not like that uncle of my uncle who pulls like a Husky ...... .. to avoid that he chokes them put the harness in vinyl leather from the custom design for bullies that Laura has designed especially for him, but it's like a mule ......... sure not everyone has my class of dandy dog!

I appreciate the first stretch of road, always the same with my favorite corners: the large planter between the beauty salon and the delicatessen, meeting of heavenly perfumes with a bold contrast, and the car wheel of our neighbor, always parked in a double row. And I leave my signature ... "Tiè ... remember me!" We arrive with a smile canine to refresh ourselves in a downtown cafe, sitting near a lovely English table in wrought iron, naturally iced and naturally in the dehor because it will be that my muzzled face does not reveal an affable character, but the dogs, as far as the managers tell it, they are never welcome. It will be the hair, it will be the embarrassment that we French bulldogs create when we sgasiamo ......

And here is the second breakfast of the day, a biscuit stretched under the table ....... Dog life is hard! And while I think, this my uncle complains about the usual life, always the same things ...... as always today we will have to go to the office, sit on the cushions designed for us and that we must use, try some new fashion leash, talk to some customer and ...... what a bore ....... How boring………
Suddenly, however, here is the twist!

With my refined flair, which is the envy of the best sommelier in Paris, while the uncle is a post-cookie biscuit, I feel the approach of a beautiful female model: a beautiful petite Chihuahua, a little 'charming with a harness for small dogs with rhinestones, pretty.
He gets closer and closer and I can not assume the standing position as suggested by the bon ton that I am teaching in that "very boring" training school, in the remote hope that I become a gentle dog. But there is a good smell of croquettes in the air. I like it! It's called Brioche and is my first woman ...... ..
Our owners say hello: it's the first date of the day apparently!

A few moments of apparent calm, a few sniffs here and there and here is that Brioche enraged towards the bike path, squawking like a hen suffering from a personality disorder. I realize only then that his mistress has accompanied her with an extensible leash and that she forgot to put the block. But then ... nobody told her that in the city it is not recommended for safety reasons to use the extensible?
Here ... the scene shakes me, even the adored folds that I have on the whole body are smoothed out, while my uncle still has to understand what happened ... ..
It all happens in a few seconds.

Brioche and her human companion, a carambola: she who starts with momentum, slips like a sewing machine needle between the frame of the bicycle and the handlebars, with a skill and a dexterity that can only be seen at the circus Orfei, the unfortunate that shoulder and ends wrapped up with dog and bicycle, becoming a whole ... and ready for a contemporary art gallery!

Eh nothing ... the meeting of work and love has been solved in a few minutes, with a tumble and a great scare! Stuff to make us stay breakfast on the stomach .........

And you four-way friends what do you think of this increasingly topical topic in our specialized magazines? Better fixed leash or extendable leash? Or free? I vote free !!!

Moral of the day: never prefer practicality to safety and above all: it's funny to be a dog if you choose Switchdog products! Use the Leash by Switchdog and choose all the versions available on our online shop.

Today I want to move you a little with the story of one of my cousins ​​a bit 'special.
He is called Victor and I hope so much that this name will bring him luck in the future!
He's like Uncle Wally's nephew and so he's my cousin, I hope! The degrees of kinship are not my forte !!!
He as a puppy was the most beautiful of the litter and his human mother Paola fell in love immediately!
He was one of the first of the litter to find family, but something did not go as it should .......
After not even two days since the foster in his family that was to be forever, his new mother saw that the puppy was not well and taking it to the vet after investigations have diagnosed to Victor a cardiac problem to be treated immediately! His new mother thought he could not do it and decided to bring it back to Paola ....... He did not understand what was happening, but he found himself living in the company of 5 new friends who love him and cuddle him a lot, they are: Zelda her natural mother, Zoe her grandmother (mother of Zelda), Il paciocco, La poisosa and Ziwa the grasshopper. All together they make a nice bunch of bullies !!!!! They are beautiful and all wear collars, leashes, harnesses and switchdog carts! When I place an order I follow them directly! They are my favorite customers!
In September Victor will have to undergo an important intervention in the heart where he risks a lot, but for his survival this is essential, I hope so much that the name that his mother Paola gave him is a good omen!
We bullies have different health problems, but we are unique in making us love by our families!
Come on Victor! We are all with you!

Finally we are there: the deserved Christmas holidays have arrived!
Wally and I could no longer spend our days in the chaos of the Switchdog Christmas orders, including dog coats, leatherette collars and Frenchie bags ... too many ugly faces!
We felt the need to snuggle up on the carpet in front of the fireplace of our beloved home, to observe the changes of light of our Christmas tree that Laura and Pier have prepared with such care.
Yes, because Christmas is to be in the family, give yourself time to be together and to share special pampering.
Approaching the end of the year, we take stock of this 2017: Wally and me went very well because, in addition to becoming famous dog model, we had the honor to wear first all the Switchdog creations, from collars to bibs , from formal wear to Christmas clothes. In short ... we have redone the wardrobe!
A little 'we deserved it because we agreed to test products not yet packed, including pins and lumps indigesti, challenged the weather for photo shoots, followed Laura at all fairs and special occasions. Almost heroes!
For the next year there are certainly good intentions: Wally told me that will comply with the categorical prohibition of escape from home and, as soon as possible, will unearth the clutch Prada of Laura who buried in the garden in 2015. It will be a magnificent for her surprise!
I, however, I could .... how to say ... well, in short, ... I will do everything possible!
Meanwhile we will enjoy these days of relaxation in the company of mum and dad and hopefully take us to the snow. We have everything we need: the Huggy coat to keep us warm, our transportable pillow for dinners at the restaurant and our collar set, harness and leash with rhinestones for the New Year's Eve party.
And what will you do friends? Have you already looked under the tree? Perhaps you will find some Switchdog packs to make your "hairy children" happy. It will be a joy for them to know that you thought them! Many useful gifts, biting boxes and gift cards to scatter throughout the house ... for a wonderful family!

Ready Set Go!!!!!! Instead ... NO!
This year the Christmas holidays of mom and dad are tragically blurred, due to a bad influence of Laura who has presented to make her Christmas wishes.
All in all I and Wally did not go wrong, because they had not invited us to go with them to Dubai.
Time a few days for Laura's recovery (which has a beautiful fiber) and there was a last minute reorganization for a weekend; meta: the Sienese hills.
So we could also prepare our luggage, with the Huggy coat for the colder days and the MiniMiniBag, the small heart and bone bag holders that are really trendy! We could only be at the top, during this period of winter sales, to wander through the big designer outlets and the most exclusive pet shops in Tuscany, a region where there are no boutiques for dogs and there are really interesting realities.
The Crete Senesi are a destination for many foreign tourists who come to enjoy the natural beauty of the place and follow tasting routes of local products.
We have also visited several wineries for tasting fine wine and oil. We love this last one, because our mother uses it to make our hair beautiful. This is why we are always splendid!
In this picture you can see us on the walk: I with a collar The Boss in vinyl leather and synthetic felt combined with the leash The Leash for the Boss with ergonomic and warm grip, always felt, so Laura could keep warm hands.
Wally's bossy Wally, however, presented a complete Chic & Events in vinyl with rhinestones ... I had been in him, I would have played for dinner, in an elegant restaurant, but it is clear that he does not have the same sensitivity for style and fashion.
Laura instead .... ME-RA-VI-GLIO-SA! He wore a suede imitation leather jacket with faux fur. We see that, like me, it is very updated on the latest trends!
In fact, lately we talk a lot of designers and brands of international renown who are using this type of materials for their collections. And Laura and I know it well and all these news are poured into the Switchdog products to create the new collections.Now the holidays are over and you go back to work! With beauty in the eye and so many new ideas for spring!

Hello Friends on 4 and 2 legs! I'm back, Switch the Head of Switchdog, and I'm preparing with all our staff to prepare all the packets that the lovers in love want to give to all their dogs, choosing among our products of my mother's Switchdog collections, collars for dogs made in Italy, which I personally control one by one in my quality office where Uncle Wally is there, all mogio, in a corner that sighs, grunts and sighs, sbavacchia and sighs the slacker.
In short, as always here at work there is a lot of traffic between designers who propose new lines for spring-summer and next winter (these are strange guys, it is not finished yet and already speak of the next!), Producers of leather vinyl that on returning from the shows we propose the coolest news for the next seasons to be used on our collars for small dogs and collars for medium-sized dogs, new colors, innovative materials that in early March we will present, extravagant lines for the new dog collars and then the new patches to be applied everywhere that my mother is drawing with our faces (mine and uncle's clearly!).
But let's go back to the bombs to the lovers and to Wally: it seems absent ... .. gaze fixed in the void and ... sighs! Not even the announcement of a regenerating walk seems to distract him from his torpor.
What a bad wax! It will not be that he is having a stomach ache for some lizard that I made him eat ...... hopefully not otherwise the mother pulls our necks! Noooooooo can not! Then who wears his collars with rhinestones or collars with studs (are my favorites) to be photographed for the catalogs? That boring that photographer: and put it this way, and turned away ...... ..well, firm, still ...... .. look here ...... but for those who took me? And then never even a small biscuit as a reward: NO! ... .. mum says that then we get too heavy and hurts to the legs! And here we are on Valentine's Day: I do not have a girlfriend because I do not need it! My mother, when there is no papy, always tells me that Wally and I are her loves! I believe it! But I expect that then if I am his love, give me something and let me know, and then what do you do? Comes with a collar in leatherette that tells me to call Easy (attention collar in faux leather is not vinyl skin, but always of animal origin and mum does not use it in its collections) and together we choose one of the accessories for collars for dogs that are called Add & Dog: there are hearts and stars in silver, black and red. And if you say that we are his loves, what do I choose? Black and silver for me and red for that sweetheart of Wally. I discovered what he had, he is not sick: Wally is in love! He took a crush on a dog that last week met at dad's garden ....... On a walk, Wally seems to leave a heart shape on the still wet ground that is preparing for spring. He must always do more! Mine is enough for me, and I know how boring females are!
My friends do not get too kissed by your human mothers who consume the cheeks, but in the evening when it is time to do the bed give them a basin so they will sleep attached to them doing the night in white to daddy, and otherwise what we are their love for what ?
And for Valentine's Day you want a gift: either a collar with studs, a collar with rhinestones, a harness for dogs or a heart-shaped handbag among the many of our Switchdog collection ...... ..and in return, however, donate so much love, as only us dogs we know how to do! This will reward them of any prank we will do, especially we bullies that we are masters in always thinking of new and unpredictable!
And if you're really good at transferring a message to Dad, mum might want a t-shirt from our collection (with that big heart between two simple letters that together make up the written DOG) that you find in our merchandisig section of the shop on line with a bracelet, try to convince him!
Goodbye my friends at the next advice for purchases and do not stop following us, Uncle Wally and I expect you online! See you next time!
Switch the Dog Switch!

Share the love!!!

Hello my friends.
What happened in these three days !!! It's been Tuesday evening that a lot of friends call us to get the custom custom dog collar I talked about in the blog on Tuesday morning. They ask us to have more clarification on the colors available, on sizes and if it is true that you can write anything you want.
We try to help you: the colors of the dog collars in vinyl leather available for personalization are: beige-brown, green-gray, blue-jeans, red, black. They are our collars for dogs of the Easy collection and as sizes start from collars for small dogs (3/4 Kg.) Up to collars for large dogs (25/30 Kg.), Depends on the circumference of the neck. The leash for dogs are those of our collection The Leash and the colors with which you can realize the customization are about 10 different and you can find them on our site page.
Today we received a request from the Tito staffy that I want to tell you: next week Tito is 10 years old, that his mother Cristina has happily spent with him, quadruped which gave a lot to the family unit in which it was inserted coming from a year in a family a bit 'difficult and coming to his adoptive family from a rescue. Tito has been able to forget everything and be wanting an infinite good from his family and for this his mother has chosen for him a dedication on his custom dog collar that moved me: To err is human, to forgive is canine: word of Titus! And there was all because Tito has a giant neck! A good giant!
But other tears are getting ready for our dog leashes: the beautiful Jolie has chosen for the wedding of her mother the collar for dogs in Chic & Events vinyl skin cream, studded with rhinestones, with the leash for dogs personalized with the inscription: Just Married! What a day tears tears ...... and Wally in all this does? The cool guy with the dog collar in Jeans Switchdog with the words Wally: the coconut of mum and to me for now has remained the one with Switch: the dwarf terrible and the mother is preparing me a new collar for red dogs with the inscription: Switch : perfect thief ...... .. what anger! Sooner or later they will do that with Switch: Switchdog's boss.


Hello everyone!
My heart-shaped dog carrier bag I gave to Jolie impressed! The girl is in love with me on the dot!
Mum says that now I have to behave well and I must be a gentleman, I do not have to bite her elbows like I do with Wally, I do not have to suck her ears (treatment reserved for Uncle Wally, promised) and I do not have to pretend to always be the first in line walk, I have to walk alongside and leave my dog ​​leash soft: I'll do it? What a difficult task for Don Giovanni! Almost, I almost give up my conquest to my uncle, but Dad says it's not done! What a good thing to be a dog of good manners ... and guys this is the worst: I can no longer howl my love to the other dogs I meet! While I do all these profound reflections, the usual family genius, the mother's coconut, a new one has been invented! He asked the guys at Switchlab, the Switchdog ideas workshop, and convinced them to design a new bag for fashion dogs, shaped like a bulldog like others, but with the word Bull Dog where instead of Or wanted a heart: the usual mawkish! And the Switchlab boys listened to him: damn him! It came out a product almost beautiful, indeed perhaps beautiful, perhaps ... Mum saw him and said: "guys do it even in jeans, as well as in black and red leather! And with the same shape and size we also make patches that I can use as patches for my jeans, I can apply them on my t-shirts making them exclusive, or I can apply them to the bag for the beach! "
So here a riot of Frenchie exploded everywhere! Dog bags for mini-bon French-style dogs, mini-frenchie patches as merchandising and that ugly immature with Wally's designers has almost been elected Head of Office at Switchlab! And me? I have to be serious with my new girlfriend! My hard life! Thank goodness that dad understands me! Yes, I never said that, but if Wally is the mother's coconut, I'm dad's coconut, I'm the only one that makes ants come in his feet while he sleeps because I sleep on top and he does not tell me anything, I'm always I'm the boss here at Switchdog, I'm Switch!

Bau friends!

These days there is international air in Switchdog! Preparations are underway for Interzoo 2018, the international pet exhibition to be held in Nuremberg from 8 to May 11th.

We have been preparing for this great occasion for a year, and we hope that it will allow the company to open up to the international market more than it has already done: we would like to introduce our dog collars and all the others to the foreign public. our accessories for dogs.

From product development to communication, from logistics to setting up the stand ... we are almost ready !!!

Wally actually seems not interested, is inside the boxes ready to leave and is camouflaged between a French bulldog collar and a collar for large dogs: almost annoyed by all this movement!

But I have the movement in the legs and I can not stand jumping for joy! I believe in everything Laura has done with her staff this year and I wish her positive feedback, possibly beyond her expectations.

The collars for medium-sized dogs like me are very beautiful and I have to say that on my coat they are all very good! Of course if you then avoid to put me on the leash for dogs when I carry around I would be more free to go kissing all the ladies! Piaccio is undeniable: I wear with a certain style both the harness for medium-sized dogs and the collars for dogs with an innate charm and I am also very lucky because I could try them in preview!
The winter collection will be presented in Nuremberg, but there will also be all the news from the spring / summer catalog and our continuative ones!

Do not miss the dog collars and the dog leash with integrated bag holder of the Skin line, in fake reptile vinyl leather; the cork collar for dogs in cork with motifs geometric, can be combined at will with the leash for dogs and the bag holder for dogs of the same series; the collar for dogs Jeans Boss with diamond-studded fashion studs.

Among the news that Switchdog will present at the fair will be the spotlight on the new collections of clothing for dogs, very useful for the winter season; then there will be Bullover, the neoprene dog coat with BullDog print, but also the Huggy dog ​​coat in a new look and ...... many other "textile" novelties that you will only discover when coming to visit us or continuing to be close to us.

We will keep you updated step by step and in the meantime we prepare the suitcases!
Soon we start !!!

And here we are! Finally, the new products of the Spring-Summer Switchdog collection have taken shape and are ready to be immortalized in a triumphant shot.

The shooting session was held last weekend at my dad's Garden Zanet, which provided the photographer with a space in which backdrops and lights were set up. Yes, because these days, we could not count on an accomplice climate for the "summer" open air shots and so we invented some beautiful ones!

There were more than 20 four-legged friends accompanied by their very available parents and, I have to admit ... reluctantly ..., they were beautiful with the new Switchdog dog accessories.

Wally and I had to stay a little apart and leave the scene to them while they were taking shots.

They have worn collars for dogs and leashes for dogs in new materials and colors, suitable for the carefree of the beautiful season that comes close: accessories for dogs in cork with prints with geometric patterns; dog collars and leashes for dogs with integrated bag holder in reptile-like vinyl leather combined with fresh and bright colors; French bulldog collars in jeans with fashion studs; clothing for dogs in neoprene suitable for contact with water and usable in spring and autumn with a print that looks just like my beautiful face.

All these new products have been designed with particular attention to the choice of materials, drawing from the rich proposal of the market that offers increasingly innovative materials, and with an eye to the fashion world that begins to introduce four-legged friends in the parades of high fashion, reassuring confirmation that Switchdog is moving in the right direction pursuing the goal of a total look that puts in communication dog and owner.

The guests behaved very well, very professional, the real dog model ... and they were also nice! In the backstage we made friends!

We hope it will be the beginning of a lasting relationship of collaboration and brotherhood.

Meanwhile, the shots are flowing one by one on the catalog that will be ready with an official presentation on March 10th!

Keep following us!


Bye Bau

These days Lineapelle takes place in Milan, a fair dedicated to real leather and all synthetic materials that resemble it for aesthetic purposes: it offers lots of ideas to study new products with a fashion look, but with an ethical content.

The pet fashion starts to affect this world too. The first times that Laura went to this fair and said she wanted to use these materials to make faux leather collars, leatherette collars, elegant collars, luxury leashes for dogs or harnesses for dogs, interested people looked at her like a Martian, while this time they start to listen to her interested. Of course, it is only by attending places like Milano Lineapelle that you can broaden your views and find innovative solutions and it is precisely here that many materials have been selected that are becoming real accessories for real dogs!

Over the whole area of ​​the fair, there is a pavilion that exposes Pet Friendly materials and it is there that yesterday Laura has rushed to find new ideas for the collections of next spring-summer. Yes, the next ... 2019 ... because now Switchdog is being brought to the regime with the timing of the fashion world that studies the news at least a year in advance.

Spring 2018 has not started yet, and they are already combining some beautiful here at Switchdog, in anticipation of winter and next spring.
They all look crazy!

To me and Wally we have to repeatedly try out clothing for chic, cool or supercald dogs and, if necessary, bring colored sheets to the back to verify that the new patterns designed by Switchlab for the winter match well with our coat.
Wally usually manages to sneak off under the desk and, therefore, I almost always have to lend me ... well, I take advantage to lavish generous kisses, so maybe they understand how it feels to have something you do not want!

We can not get into quadrupeds at the fair, so says a giant sign, but I couldn’t help but to put our nose virtually watching the video shot of photos that my Laura brought back to the company to share with our collaborators: there were also some really strange things, objects never seen before, futuristic, able to show the beauty of the materials and their new processing possibilities. Just in time to indulge in this fashion shoot ....... We were out with our dog sitter who took us around the city of Milan, where I and Wally were very admired. We wore dog collars with studs that have not yet been officially presented to our public, made with Pet Friendly materials that we dogs and our mother like a lot: I'm talking about a dog collar and a leash for dogs in material. ... I can not reveal anything yet! But I'll tell you: we have made collars for French bulldog cork, but they are also good for other four-legged friends and will match their leashes for fashion dogs in the same material, with their bags for dogs bon ton incorporated ...... here I said it !!

Next fashion dog come and discover our online news from March 10th!

Stay close to us and we'll show you all soon!


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