Dear friends, I want to tell you something that we and my uncle witnessed yesterday.

Like every morning the cuddles in the Latvian of our human mother, Laura, while we wake up in the company of my uncle Wally, are the most pleasant thing that can happen ......... especially when the human Pier is already at work and we can kiss all…. but then comes the duty: the hard work !!

"Switch! Wally !! Let's go! "Laura's voice calls us to the first walk in the garden of the house, what uncle and I ruin and that the human tries to regrow with so much effort ...... ..
And then comes the beloved breakfast based on human biscuits, what goodness! Before starting a hard day they are fantastic, sure if I could avoid sharing them with Wally!
Then you get dressed and viaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Super cool leash attached to the collar for luxury dogs and we are ready for the usual walk.

The path is always the same, but I have to say that Laura is very creative because she makes directional changes based on the shoes she wears for the occasions and business meetings of the day. Because yes, she works hard and I, willingly or not, must follow her. I walk slowly to make her a pleasure so that she does not fall from the heels that she stubbornly puts on, not like that uncle of my uncle who pulls like a Husky ...... .. to avoid that he chokes them put the harness in vinyl leather from the custom design for bullies that Laura has designed especially for him, but it's like a mule ......... sure not everyone has my class of dandy dog!

I appreciate the first stretch of road, always the same with my favorite corners: the large planter between the beauty salon and the delicatessen, meeting of heavenly perfumes with a bold contrast, and the car wheel of our neighbor, always parked in a double row. And I leave my signature ... "Tiè ... remember me!" We arrive with a smile canine to refresh ourselves in a downtown cafe, sitting near a lovely English table in wrought iron, naturally iced and naturally in the dehor because it will be that my muzzled face does not reveal an affable character, but the dogs, as far as the managers tell it, they are never welcome. It will be the hair, it will be the embarrassment that we French bulldogs create when we sgasiamo ......

And here is the second breakfast of the day, a biscuit stretched under the table ....... Dog life is hard! And while I think, this my uncle complains about the usual life, always the same things ...... as always today we will have to go to the office, sit on the cushions designed for us and that we must use, try some new fashion leash, talk to some customer and ...... what a bore ....... How boring………
Suddenly, however, here is the twist!

With my refined flair, which is the envy of the best sommelier in Paris, while the uncle is a post-cookie biscuit, I feel the approach of a beautiful female model: a beautiful petite Chihuahua, a little 'charming with a harness for small dogs with rhinestones, pretty.
He gets closer and closer and I can not assume the standing position as suggested by the bon ton that I am teaching in that "very boring" training school, in the remote hope that I become a gentle dog. But there is a good smell of croquettes in the air. I like it! It's called Brioche and is my first woman ...... ..
Our owners say hello: it's the first date of the day apparently!

A few moments of apparent calm, a few sniffs here and there and here is that Brioche enraged towards the bike path, squawking like a hen suffering from a personality disorder. I realize only then that his mistress has accompanied her with an extensible leash and that she forgot to put the block. But then ... nobody told her that in the city it is not recommended for safety reasons to use the extensible?
Here ... the scene shakes me, even the adored folds that I have on the whole body are smoothed out, while my uncle still has to understand what happened ... ..
It all happens in a few seconds.

Brioche and her human companion, a carambola: she who starts with momentum, slips like a sewing machine needle between the frame of the bicycle and the handlebars, with a skill and a dexterity that can only be seen at the circus Orfei, the unfortunate that shoulder and ends wrapped up with dog and bicycle, becoming a whole ... and ready for a contemporary art gallery!

Eh nothing ... the meeting of work and love has been solved in a few minutes, with a tumble and a great scare! Stuff to make us stay breakfast on the stomach .........

And you four-way friends what do you think of this increasingly topical topic in our specialized magazines? Better fixed leash or extendable leash? Or free? I vote free !!!

Moral of the day: never prefer practicality to safety and above all: it's funny to be a dog if you choose Switchdog products! Use the Leash by Switchdog and choose all the versions available on our online shop.

This morning there is a good smell of fresh grass in the air. Spring is approaching and the flowers that are starting to bloom are declaring it to the world with their amazing colors and their intoxicating perfumes ...... excellent for pissing here and there!

Uncle Wally tries to teach me where it is best to pee and where if I do my mother screams me: nooooooo now Dad is angry at her ......... .., but I do as I want: I'm the boss and then I'm small who scolds me!

But when I go to the city it's the best time for me to do my solid needs, so at least my humans do not have to collect anything in the garden and my friend Ambrogio, the robotic whirlwind that always follows me and disturbs me in my raids to the lawn, do not dirty the wheels.

Of course in the city there are other problems always related to the collection of my waste and those of Uncle Wally: now it is a must that every owner has with him the necessaire to collect our needs and then my mother, to be always at ' last fashion does not make us miss anything.

Think and rethink, talk and talk with Uncle Wally and what's going on with you ?: he creates special dog bags for us. We dogs that we do not like the sound of plastic slamming on a leash, which we drop the classic plastic so many times and break the rings, but we want new luxury accessories for dogs designed for us and studied on purpose and with love.

And what is invented? The first heart-shaped dog carrier in the shape of a heart: my mother loves us and so what could you invent, if not a heart?

This heart, Uncle Wally and I often give it to our friends who come to visit us in our studio, as a sign of our affection and of the love that binds every quadruped to his inseparable biped .......Love does not need many words, heart is the highest expression of love that every person who chooses to share their life with a dog must have, also represents an important choice in the use of the materials they have chosen at Switchdog, all strictly of non-animal origin, in full respect of us dogs!
And you friend who read this article what do you think? Do you like our inspiring principle? Share the love! Share Switchdog !!!

We are in the season of ceremonies: weddings, baptisms, communions, ... divorces with toast! Every occasion is good to celebrate and I am so nice that I always receive a welcome invitation.
This was the turn of the wedding of the year, long-awaited because the bride is already at odds of 2 and the groom at 3 ... that is the right time ???
Wally and I were there with our owners and I must say that it was a day above expectations: a beautiful location and a more fragrant bouquet buffet!
The guests were almost all funny, even if extravagant. They wore garish and colorful dresses for the occasion: the most sober had a parrot embroidered across the back.
I saw things that ONLY you humans can imagine!
In that rainbow of bodies, my mantle bringè stood out decisively. I did well to introduce myself in my total nudity, beautiful and impossible as a mother made me, with my beautiful harness for dogs with studs in pink gold finish like the cuff in vinyl leather that my mistress Laura wore.
Also because I'm not a formal type and on some occasions I'm in trouble about what to choose ... I still felt very elegant and comfortable.
Nothing to do with Wally that took us to prepare more time for the bride. She was very undecided because the Switchdog has just produced some new dog collars that can be fitted for more or less important occasions. There are stars, hearts and bows in various colors that can be inserted and interchanged on the Easy collar without studs. Very fashion !!!
And in a couple of hours even Wally managed to get ready and showed up with a beautiful papillon in vinyl-leather on black collar: impeccable! During the ceremony was all the time with the nose up, a little 'strutting I have to say, but could afford it because it has class to sell!
Perhaps, however, he sinned of vanity when he began to sculpt insistently in front of the photographer. He wanted to be immortalized with that perfect look and in his best pose.
Yes, but now Wally, do not overdo it !!! This is an official photo!
It seems that he does not want to hear reasons. I told him so many times that I can not bark anymore.
I give up and I head to the "cake point" and there I will wait for you to drop in the evening to wear my collar for dogs also accessorized with Add & Dog ... I choose the silver heart! Who knows if he can make shade on that embroidered bird.

Christmas is in the air, dear friends, and we hairy we have heard it for some time!

No need to wait for lights and colored balls, we just need to see some small synthetic fir tree that already we have some great ideas!

I, who are Switch, and Uncle Wally adore walking in the streets decorated in this period, all the lights of the decorations are mirrored in the studs of our The Boss collars in felt and leather, made by our mother: ours are dog collars made in Italy 100% and we are even more beautiful and fashionable. And then, let's face it, the colors of the French bulldog collar The Boss are just Christmas: bright red, green elf and blue sugar paper (it will be edible? ...... I'm always hungry !!).

The mother combines the collar for medium-sized dogs The Boss on a leash for dogs The Leash for The Boss, which has a warm felt handle that keeps the hands warm while walking. We feel very admired and seems to recognize us on the street! After all we are the official dog model of Switchdog!

This Sunday, however, the spotlight turned on to other 4-legged friends who attended the Christmas Shooting held in Seregno at the Candy Pets Boutique shop!

It was great to see the owners' enthusiasm in wanting to give a moment of notoriety to their 4-legged friend, sharing his images on social media in a challenge like a hit and involving him in a Christmas cut photo set ... c 'they were Santa Clauses and four-legged Elves everywhere !!!

An interesting opportunity for everyone! High-level photo shoots and a concrete meeting opportunity that will be followed by a photo shoot session for the Switchdog spring collection.
I stood aside, in the warmth of my Huggy dog ​​coat in leatherette and ecological fur, to admire so many dogs that have ventured into poses as true stars.

Switchdog's family is expanding ... lots of new friends to hold a paw!

CHRISTMAS SHOOTING - "Christmas with the collar for dogs The Boss"

What an intense weekend friends! One of those in which, even if you have the gift of ubiquity, you can not get anywhere ... and it was like that.

There have been two events at the same time to which Switchdog has participated: one in Parma and the other in Milan.

In both places "parades" took place with different aims.

In Parma, the 9th BouleMeeting, organized by the French Bouledogue Club Italia, brought a lot of bullies to the runway in order to declare which of them was the most suitable to represent our race.
In Milan, instead, the Fashion Runway fashion show organized at the Wunder Market, a context of very scenographic ex-factory, aimed the projectors on the novelties of clothing proposed by Lilou Pet Couture and accessories for our four paws ... so Switchdog could not to miss!!! Which class!

Our products were present in both locations to represent the reality Switchdog, in which there are many now to believe, but we were physically present at BouleMeeting, after the jumps of Laura who, at the end of the day, she was on all fours too!
They have marched many bullies, beautiful specimens certainly, but with very common accessories that did not fully appreciate them!

Meanwhile, the Switchdog stand has received many visits because there is a lot of curiosity for such functional accessories with a well-designed and unique design. We do not lose the opportunity to get noticed, in short!
The new proposals have been many: from the Basic line, the new entry level nylon leash, to the Huggy coats for the winter season to be combined with the new Furry carrier bags in synthetic fur.

At the end of the day the winner who most fascinated me was a Lei, Victoria, a young promisor of the Bis Bos Young category ... very very pretty, especially when in the awarding stage she was fitted with a Switchdog collar and leash. Perfect! A real Miss!
Wally and I wear collar, bib and leash Switchdog every day! It's a second skin now! And we feel beautiful ... indeed beautiful!

I think I can participate in BouleMeeting next year too! With my style, my charm, my elegance, I'm sure I could win the jury ... even if I have only one ball!

Today my mistress Laura is back home !!!

It's been a few days away because it brought the Switchdog products to the fair in Bologna: an important opportunity to show the world the thousand ideas that we gave birth together and that have been realized in "super" products!
Unfortunately, I had to stay at home because it would have been too heavy for me to support all that ferment ... so she says.

In fact I'm a bit 'sorry because, when he showed me some pictures of the beautiful cardboard stand that welcomed the products, I noticed that buzzing bullies ... there were everywhere! On the cushions, climbing on the walls, on real pedestals.
What envy!

But I had to console at home with Wally and the time never passed, punctuated by his usual not very elegant verses.
The stand had a very favorable position: it overlooked a beautiful green garden where I would really like to do up and down like on a catwalk, wearing the new Tanga harness presented at the fair or a Fashion Gold collar with studs in pink gold finish. I would have made sparks!

Instead, this honor has to do with those rag bullies who, although they will be nice, but with whom I just can not establish a dialogue.The havana color of the stand greatly enhanced the colors of all vinyl leather products and Switchdog received many compliments for the unique and recognizable corporate image, completed by the new merchandising products for humans that Laura and her collaborators wore for the duration of the fair!
A success, in short!

I'm just sorry I did not take part, but I hope to receive a memory of this important adventure ... maybe a nice collar with bow tie for the next special opportunity .

This week I was in Milan at the BIT, the International Tourism Exchange, yes I was there! I entered secretly!It was a very interesting day and I had to give a very long walk through the corridors of the stands, even though for the most part my mother kept me in her arms because between her and her friend Nicoletta, they walk ... .. but how much walk! And they talk .......... But how much do they talk !!

There were many exhibitors run by friendly staff who even gave me some pampering. And here is my mistress ready with pressing question: "your structure is Pet Friendly?" ......... Silence ......... ..Perplexity. Weighted responses, such as "I would have to deal with the manager" or "Yes, in structures where the paw logo is affixed to our catalog" or "No".

This is to say that there are few hotels that reserve us a good hospitality and, at best, let us in, but leave us to ourselves, delegating to our owner the complete provision and management of equipment that are useful for us the holiday period: cushion for dogs, bowl and accessories in general.

This is a problem, because I can not always afford to travel too, especially when a business trip of a few days is planned with air travel. What I need does not fit in my hand baggage and I have to stay home. My heart grows to see my sad masters leave! And in my loneliness I mull over and tell myself: it would take so little! After all, I'm a paying guest and I'm part of the family! I do not ask much if not a cushion for dogs on which to lie down and a bowl to consume my favorite croquettes! Of course if there were also in the hall some nice collars, leashes or bibs and luxury accessories to be able to go shopping for me, it would be a dream: it's not right for mom to go shopping when we're away, Wally always says that.

Dear friend, I'm thinking of you too: have you thought that my family, like that of many other quadrupeds, today chooses the structure in which to stay based on the fact that we also travel with them and want to make us feel comfortable? A nice comfortable bed for my mum and a comfortable dog pillow for me and my big brother! And a dog carrier to give to all of us companions and faithful companions of life! You know how happy my mother would be to receive a present for me instead of a manicure set or a body cream that she will never use so much ......... .. if not to smell me that I hate her!
Think about it!


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