Bau friends!

Today I'm talking about an essential product for our walks, a "must have": the dog carrier for our neighbors.

There are many on the market, but a careful choice is necessary: ​​it will also be a useful accessory, but why renounce aesthetics? After all, it's like our walking bag!

Most bon ton cases are made of rigid plastic and I will not tell you the noise they produce when they bang here and there when our owner takes us for a walk!

On the market of luxury accessories for dogs, the most popular and widespread shoe cases, aim at the recognizable and relevant image of the bone and the colors and patterns are so many! Some companies have chosen to make some rubber, perhaps just to meet us in the protection of our hearing.

Speaking of shapes, I do not understand that some of these accessories recall objects or animals very distant from us: the flower, who knows it if not because I pee on it; I eat the fish every day even if it does not make me crazy, but we are not friends ...., or the flask ... do you think it remotely resembles a Saint Bernard dog?

Another important factor is: who brings the accessory? The dog or the master?

I think it must harmonize with both and not be an obstacle.

I hate to bind me objects of dubious taste or see them dangle in front of my face! They are hypnotic !!! And then that ugly those dogs all haughty that go around with the green bag tied to the leash: Uncle Wally, I would never like this as my partner!
So, following my advice as a true dandy dog, my owner tried to combine aesthetics and functionality, just thinking of the needs mentioned above.

Use soft bags in vinyl or neoprene, which have "very lovely" shapes and colors. Not only the classic bone, but also a heart, a symbol of the bond that unites us, a small handbag, because he knows I'm sensitive to fashion, and a nose that looks like mine! But what I love the most is the bone incorporated on a leash: the result is a minimal product! He stands in his place, he is discreet and silent, he does his job without making me look ridiculous.

And then every now and then Laura has the brilliant idea, as we are two, Uncle Wally and me, to put the little bags directly attached to her bag, which we like a lot because it makes it too different from other mothers, and we always want distinguish ourselves! I said mine. What do you think? Do you share your walks with a cup cake or a matryoshka? Uncle and I NO! We want to be super fashion urban and dandy dog ​​from the tip of the ears to the cork that we have to queue.


This morning there is a good smell of fresh grass in the air. Spring is approaching and the flowers that are starting to bloom are declaring it to the world with their amazing colors and their intoxicating perfumes ...... excellent for pissing here and there!

Uncle Wally tries to teach me where it is best to pee and where if I do my mother screams me: nooooooo now Dad is angry at her ......... .., but I do as I want: I'm the boss and then I'm small who scolds me!

But when I go to the city it's the best time for me to do my solid needs, so at least my humans do not have to collect anything in the garden and my friend Ambrogio, the robotic whirlwind that always follows me and disturbs me in my raids to the lawn, do not dirty the wheels.

Of course in the city there are other problems always related to the collection of my waste and those of Uncle Wally: now it is a must that every owner has with him the necessaire to collect our needs and then my mother, to be always at ' last fashion does not make us miss anything.

Think and rethink, talk and talk with Uncle Wally and what's going on with you ?: he creates special dog bags for us. We dogs that we do not like the sound of plastic slamming on a leash, which we drop the classic plastic so many times and break the rings, but we want new luxury accessories for dogs designed for us and studied on purpose and with love.

And what is invented? The first heart-shaped dog carrier in the shape of a heart: my mother loves us and so what could you invent, if not a heart?

This heart, Uncle Wally and I often give it to our friends who come to visit us in our studio, as a sign of our affection and of the love that binds every quadruped to his inseparable biped .......Love does not need many words, heart is the highest expression of love that every person who chooses to share their life with a dog must have, also represents an important choice in the use of the materials they have chosen at Switchdog, all strictly of non-animal origin, in full respect of us dogs!
And you friend who read this article what do you think? Do you like our inspiring principle? Share the love! Share Switchdog !!!

And finally spring has exploded, a little late perhaps, but promises a very respectable summer!

Despite the air conditioning and the fan focused on my nose, today I prefer not to move a leg and stand on the stomach spread on the carpet.

Wally, as usual in a presidential position, looks at me gasping from the top of the couch.

And then suddenly they ring at the door and Wally jumps off the couch with an athletic doe that does not fit his usual laziness.

And who will ever be?

Moving calmly, I move towards the entrance from which there are already lines of "crowing" wild. It must certainly be someone important!

I approach the door and there is a snout as my door crosses the door and breaks into the room.

And who would that be? How come I have not been warned? Why was not it announced?

Wally, however, "is no longer in the folds", never seen so happy!
We move into the garden and it's as if I did not exist, nobody took care of the official presentations.
But in the shade of the old willow in the garden you think better !!! It 's Caesar, they tell me, brother of Zelda, the sister Bonazza of Uncle Wally ... I did not understand much about kinship, but with this heat I make myself enough explanations!
Today in the garden has also appeared a small pool that maybe Laura has mounted for the arrival of guests and ....... SPLASH ... we did not have to say anything that Cesare has already opened the dances with a triple dip carpiato Olympic! What a style! Which class!!! We see that it comes from the capital!

Yes, because Cesare the bulldog is from Rome, even if for a while he lives in the elegant Tuscan countryside, a true "gentledog". We will certainly become excellent friends!
His decisive character did not let him hesitate before cooling down and immediately jumped into the water with enthusiasm! Fortunately, she wears the Switchdog Bijou collar which, being made of vinyl leather, does not fear water.
Its owner has chosen it on purpose, a little 'because it is attached to our brand, a little' because it is sensitive to the needs of Caesar.

Unfortunately, the heat is not really a friend of us bullies, we must be careful not to risk taking the heat stroke and refresh as much as possible.

Meanwhile, Wally observes the synchronized water movements comfortably lying on a neoprene dog pillow The Sleepy Dog, fabric used for diving suits, born to stay in the water.
I am undecided ... I dive or I do not dive?

Luckily I have prepared for the arrival of summer and my "trial collar" I have already done! I chose a collar in 100% made in Italy vinyl leather! I love the French bulldog collars that made Switchdog, craft collars also for small dogs like me.I recommend biped friends: think of our health on these hot days and make sure to guarantee the thermal comfort we need! It is easy for our body to overheat and suffer a lot. Choose quality products made from the most suitable materials for this.


We are in the season of ceremonies: weddings, baptisms, communions, ... divorces with toast! Every occasion is good to celebrate and I am so nice that I always receive a welcome invitation.
This was the turn of the wedding of the year, long-awaited because the bride is already at odds of 2 and the groom at 3 ... that is the right time ???
Wally and I were there with our owners and I must say that it was a day above expectations: a beautiful location and a more fragrant bouquet buffet!
The guests were almost all funny, even if extravagant. They wore garish and colorful dresses for the occasion: the most sober had a parrot embroidered across the back.
I saw things that ONLY you humans can imagine!
In that rainbow of bodies, my mantle bringè stood out decisively. I did well to introduce myself in my total nudity, beautiful and impossible as a mother made me, with my beautiful harness for dogs with studs in pink gold finish like the cuff in vinyl leather that my mistress Laura wore.
Also because I'm not a formal type and on some occasions I'm in trouble about what to choose ... I still felt very elegant and comfortable.
Nothing to do with Wally that took us to prepare more time for the bride. She was very undecided because the Switchdog has just produced some new dog collars that can be fitted for more or less important occasions. There are stars, hearts and bows in various colors that can be inserted and interchanged on the Easy collar without studs. Very fashion !!!
And in a couple of hours even Wally managed to get ready and showed up with a beautiful papillon in vinyl-leather on black collar: impeccable! During the ceremony was all the time with the nose up, a little 'strutting I have to say, but could afford it because it has class to sell!
Perhaps, however, he sinned of vanity when he began to sculpt insistently in front of the photographer. He wanted to be immortalized with that perfect look and in his best pose.
Yes, but now Wally, do not overdo it !!! This is an official photo!
It seems that he does not want to hear reasons. I told him so many times that I can not bark anymore.
I give up and I head to the "cake point" and there I will wait for you to drop in the evening to wear my collar for dogs also accessorized with Add & Dog ... I choose the silver heart! Who knows if he can make shade on that embroidered bird.

Too many times I met four-legged friends with a smile marked by difficult past.

Too many times I heard barking silently.

Too many times I have seen signs and scars in the depth of a look.

We are many and often infiocchettati as gift packages, like a toy that quickly becomes obsolete and is put aside.

Every day I think about how I and Wally have been lucky, desired and welcomed into a loving family that treats us like real children.
For many it lasts too little for the vanity of feeling loved a little longer.

And that's what happened to Vans, the mum's friend's dog, Barbara the Hair Stylist, who was adopted with her little brother by a family who both sent them back to the sender after a few weeks.
Maybe they were already tired of him, his long hair to handle or maybe because when he was taken was a nice puppy and it was not thought that the dogs are peeing around and be followed, they are not stuffed animals!
In the drama of abandonment, luck has wanted Barbara to meet him and take him with her: it was love at first sight! The ruffled hair, the dull look of a broken heart and a gentle gesture with the paw "I need you and I choose Said done ... makeup and wigs like only the mother's friend can do! Vans was very lucky to choose who takes care of him ... soul and body!

Wally and me always enjoy it when they come to visit us, even if they have recently shown their snobby side. Maybe because he spends the whole day between curlers and glossy magazines, but sometimes he observes us with an air of superiority and I can not help but check to have all the folds of my cloak bring it in order. I always feel I must be impeccable in his presence!

Wally instead, who is always very wise, looks at him amused. Especially when Vans prepares for official photos by taking a spontaneous pose, like a VIP on the red carpet.

Despite all we endure and that funny and imperfect smile is true, of a dog that has rediscovered happiness.

Sometimes abandonment creates deeper and more invisible wounds of physical abuse and causes inability to react.

Vans instead reacted strongly and received great support. And not only! His mistress has also honored him with a complete set of Switchdog products: leash, collar, harness and bag carrier which, in my opinion, are those that make it pretty nice and almost likeable.

This morning there is a lot of movement at home, they all seem very busy and, unaware of what is happening, I have a strategic position to observe.Here we go again: start going around the house that strange thing with the wheels on which the other time I pee and I have been scolded ......... Uncle Wally but what is this thing that looks like a spaceship, up whose mother sits and jumps on top: strange these humans!
Here: we entered holiday preparation mode!
Mom Laura and dad Pier are super agitated and busy in a thousand preparations, Wally is the only one who does not seem stressed, indeed, lying on his pillow for dogs, has more resigned air of those who saw this scene more and more times.I do not! I want to understand if they will take us with them and what will be the destination of the trip. For a moment the bedroom is empty. Maybe Laura and Pier are deciding together what to bring, so I certainly have a lot of time to take a closer look at the luggage.I move into the room and stuff myself into a suitcase that is still open.
I want to see if there's anything about me and Wally. At first glance I see nothing that can satisfy my curiosity.
I only see well-folded clothes that otherwise would not fit in the suitcase given the number.
I insert my curious nose with much difficulty under the first layer of laundry. These are the occasions when I would like to be a wolf, able to turn it all over with a nose acrobatics.
Nothing ... I do not see anything that concerns me! Not a game, not a croquette, nothing! I have to go deeper and make room between a sneaker and a bikini. I almost got to the bottom of the suitcase, when I hear my name "Switch !!!!" ... no thud, however, nobody fainted.
I slug out of the baggage and only then I realize that I made a mess.
The well-folded and tidy clothes are now a shapeless mountain of fabric ... and among these there is also the t-shirt that Laura made thinking of us with the writing DOG with a beautiful heart in applied leatherette, a sign of her love for me and uncle! Too late to hide, there is no more time: he saw me!
But being on vacation Laura does not get angry, she laughs with Uncle Wally and tries the impossible task of closing the suitcase. Pier helps her paying attention not to forget even a very precious stocking: it's true love!
So what do we travel with? Laura seems to understand my look at the question mark and prepares our travel bag, where there is a complete leash and collar or harness for luxury dogs such as me and uncle, a different one for each day of our holiday. A harness to take us to the sea, a fashion gold collar for the evening to take us to dinner, a red leash for the day and a black one for the evening. We have more things for me and uncle than for mom and dad! So I calm down, even if a little 'I stress always having to do the dog model for the Switchdog ... of course I'm cool!
Uncle Wally also gets up, stretches, and proceeds to the front door.
He's already wearing his harness and in a moment I'm also equipped with a collar and leash and get in the car.
We start !!!
I do not want to know where we go, I like surprises: the important thing is that we are all together. Who knows how many friends we will know and how many languages ​​will we learn to speak? I'm sure they take us abroad because they made us passports! Mom was thinking of writing to me about her because I'm small, but they did it to me too.
So happy holidays to all !!
And if you want to post your images on our social networks on vacation with your family, we will travel the world with you! And you are connected as I tell you about our journey: Switchdog on travel!
Happy holidays to all! See you in September!

Guys, we met Uncle Wally and I was a rocking female!

His name is Babu and he wears the collars and leashes of our mother like a goddess!

Of course she is much older than us, has a noble bearing and is also noble by birth, and 'a real Dog Model and is also blonde: a crash!

And his mum Elena, even more, form a special couple!

Together they direct the fashion atelier of which Elena is the designer of all the garments, the roaring motor of the Reggiani Boutique! And we were there to visit it: it is a very elegant place where we were a bit 'on the tips of the legs, we did not know how to sit, our mother had never brought us before in such a chic place.
We did a very professional shoot and we fell in love with Babu while he was photographing posing at the invitation of his mother Elena to sit down.
Result: for watching for an hour you're beautiful legs (even his human were not joking!), The mother decided that because it takes us educated as Babu who goes to school, we will go to school ....... Do you have any idea what you are waiting for? He has already prepared special leashes and sports bibs to keep up with the times .........

We will tell you soon our first lessons, while thanks Elena Reggiani and Babu for allowing us to meet you.
See you next time!

Yes We Dog!

From Switch's diary, Switchdog's dog: Hello to all the friends! I'm so tired !, yesterday finally my mom and my dad decided to bring my uncle Wally and the little dwarf (I'd be !!!) home after 20 days that make us turn half of Europe ......

They introduced us to Switzerland, Germany and Holland: all by car! That's why they made us make strange bites (that dolooooooreeeee if I still think about it !!) to get us our personal passport, we are international dogs !!!

Well I want to say that the kindest with us were the Berlin Germans who also gave us snacks and puppets for which uncle goes crazy! And then guys who stangona the blonde reception that every day we kissed when we passed to go to do our needs accompanied by Laura waving behind our leashes and that every day we changed the collar to testify our fashion presence around the world!

#yeswecane going on vacation with the family was fantastic! We recommend it to all our 4-legged friends! Get carried away to see the mills, the tulips, the canals of Amsterdam and even the ladies in the window ... ... Having a single ball they wanted me as a tourist attraction! Auitoooooooo and then go to Rotterdam where people are really strange and live in cube-shaped houses and then at the Nhow Hotel they have a fantastic breakfast !!! So #yeswecane always with you !!!! It was our holiday motto! And always super fashion with our collars, harnesses and leashes Switchdog.

Today I want to move you a little with the story of one of my cousins ​​a bit 'special.
He is called Victor and I hope so much that this name will bring him luck in the future!
He's like Uncle Wally's nephew and so he's my cousin, I hope! The degrees of kinship are not my forte !!!
He as a puppy was the most beautiful of the litter and his human mother Paola fell in love immediately!
He was one of the first of the litter to find family, but something did not go as it should .......
After not even two days since the foster in his family that was to be forever, his new mother saw that the puppy was not well and taking it to the vet after investigations have diagnosed to Victor a cardiac problem to be treated immediately! His new mother thought he could not do it and decided to bring it back to Paola ....... He did not understand what was happening, but he found himself living in the company of 5 new friends who love him and cuddle him a lot, they are: Zelda her natural mother, Zoe her grandmother (mother of Zelda), Il paciocco, La poisosa and Ziwa the grasshopper. All together they make a nice bunch of bullies !!!!! They are beautiful and all wear collars, leashes, harnesses and switchdog carts! When I place an order I follow them directly! They are my favorite customers!
In September Victor will have to undergo an important intervention in the heart where he risks a lot, but for his survival this is essential, I hope so much that the name that his mother Paola gave him is a good omen!
We bullies have different health problems, but we are unique in making us love by our families!
Come on Victor! We are all with you!

Finally we are there: the deserved Christmas holidays have arrived!
Wally and I could no longer spend our days in the chaos of the Switchdog Christmas orders, including dog coats, leatherette collars and Frenchie bags ... too many ugly faces!
We felt the need to snuggle up on the carpet in front of the fireplace of our beloved home, to observe the changes of light of our Christmas tree that Laura and Pier have prepared with such care.
Yes, because Christmas is to be in the family, give yourself time to be together and to share special pampering.
Approaching the end of the year, we take stock of this 2017: Wally and me went very well because, in addition to becoming famous dog model, we had the honor to wear first all the Switchdog creations, from collars to bibs , from formal wear to Christmas clothes. In short ... we have redone the wardrobe!
A little 'we deserved it because we agreed to test products not yet packed, including pins and lumps indigesti, challenged the weather for photo shoots, followed Laura at all fairs and special occasions. Almost heroes!
For the next year there are certainly good intentions: Wally told me that will comply with the categorical prohibition of escape from home and, as soon as possible, will unearth the clutch Prada of Laura who buried in the garden in 2015. It will be a magnificent for her surprise!
I, however, I could .... how to say ... well, in short, ... I will do everything possible!
Meanwhile we will enjoy these days of relaxation in the company of mum and dad and hopefully take us to the snow. We have everything we need: the Huggy coat to keep us warm, our transportable pillow for dinners at the restaurant and our collar set, harness and leash with rhinestones for the New Year's Eve party.
And what will you do friends? Have you already looked under the tree? Perhaps you will find some Switchdog packs to make your "hairy children" happy. It will be a joy for them to know that you thought them! Many useful gifts, biting boxes and gift cards to scatter throughout the house ... for a wonderful family!


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