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In the dog-loving world the debate is always open on what is the best solution for choosing the harness for dogs. Veterinarians, dog trainers and breeders often express discordant opinions about it. It seems, however, that the Norwegian harness for dogs is pleasing to everyone, first of all to the owner who manages to wear it on his dog with a certain agility.
In fact, the Norwegian harness is composed of only 2 elements, resulting in an intuitive wearability: the first element is the strap that overhangs the dog's chest.
acts as an element of control when the dog pulls too much; the second is the adjustable strap that surrounds the dog's chest. Click ... all done!
Switchdog has also thought of using a buckle with safety snap closure, further guarantee that the dog does not accidentally slip off the harness.
In addition to being particularly practical, thanks to a single adjustment, the Norwegian harness is comfortable for the dog and does not damage it, as it is structured not to burden the joints.
The only important note is to use soft materials, which do not create discomfort or ruin the dog's hair, and macro-sized, so that there is as much surface as possible in contact with the chest, giving a more fascinating sensation.
As with all Pet Friendly products, Switchdog uses fake leather that further softens with use.
Having more control over the dog does not mean inhibiting it! Even if your dog pulls too much, it will not be a leash accessory to dominate the character. We therefore suggest that you contact a dog educator who is able to understand the nature and help you to instruct him in order to establish with him a unique relationship of complicity.
The Norwegian harness for dogs by Switchdog is customizable with the name of your dog, a phrase, a graphic. Just choose the harness for dogs
Norway in red, black or two-color beige and brown and send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all the information on customization you want.
In the new spring-summer 2019 catalog you will also find the Norwegian Ribbon harness with a multi-strip ribbon in satin and fresh colors and summer.
Of course you can combine all our bibs with the leash for dogs The Leash, The Work Leash and Ribbon Leash for a total look super fashion!
Visit our website www.switchdog.it and discover all the accessories for dogs by Switchdog!

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What an intense weekend friends! One of those in which, even if you have the gift of ubiquity, you can not get anywhere ... and it was like that.

There have been two events at the same time to which Switchdog has participated: one in Parma and the other in Milan.

In both places "parades" took place with different aims.

In Parma, the 9th BouleMeeting, organized by the French Bouledogue Club Italia, brought a lot of bullies to the runway in order to declare which of them was the most suitable to represent our race.
In Milan, instead, the Fashion Runway fashion show organized at the Wunder Market, a context of very scenographic ex-factory, aimed the projectors on the novelties of clothing proposed by Lilou Pet Couture and accessories for our four paws ... so Switchdog could not to miss!!! Which class!

Our products were present in both locations to represent the reality Switchdog, in which there are many now to believe, but we were physically present at BouleMeeting, after the jumps of Laura who, at the end of the day, she was on all fours too!
They have marched many bullies, beautiful specimens certainly, but with very common accessories that did not fully appreciate them!

Meanwhile, the Switchdog stand has received many visits because there is a lot of curiosity for such functional accessories with a well-designed and unique design. We do not lose the opportunity to get noticed, in short!
The new proposals have been many: from the Basic line, the new entry level nylon leash, to the Huggy coats for the winter season to be combined with the new Furry carrier bags in synthetic fur.

At the end of the day the winner who most fascinated me was a Lei, Victoria, a young promisor of the Bis Bos Young category ... very very pretty, especially when in the awarding stage she was fitted with a Switchdog collar and leash. Perfect! A real Miss!
Wally and I wear collar, bib and leash Switchdog every day! It's a second skin now! And we feel beautiful ... indeed beautiful!

I think I can participate in BouleMeeting next year too! With my style, my charm, my elegance, I'm sure I could win the jury ... even if I have only one ball!

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Today my mistress Laura is back home !!!

It's been a few days away because it brought the Switchdog products to the fair in Bologna: an important opportunity to show the world the thousand ideas that we gave birth together and that have been realized in "super" products!
Unfortunately, I had to stay at home because it would have been too heavy for me to support all that ferment ... so she says.

In fact I'm a bit 'sorry because, when he showed me some pictures of the beautiful cardboard stand that welcomed the products, I noticed that buzzing bullies ... there were everywhere! On the cushions, climbing on the walls, on real pedestals.
What envy!

But I had to console at home with Wally and the time never passed, punctuated by his usual not very elegant verses.
The stand had a very favorable position: it overlooked a beautiful green garden where I would really like to do up and down like on a catwalk, wearing the new Tanga harness presented at the fair or a Fashion Gold collar with studs in pink gold finish. I would have made sparks!

Instead, this honor has to do with those rag bullies who, although they will be nice, but with whom I just can not establish a dialogue.The havana color of the stand greatly enhanced the colors of all vinyl leather products and Switchdog received many compliments for the unique and recognizable corporate image, completed by the new merchandising products for humans that Laura and her collaborators wore for the duration of the fair!
A success, in short!

I'm just sorry I did not take part, but I hope to receive a memory of this important adventure ... maybe a nice collar with bow tie for the next special opportunity .

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