A new project was born by chance, a bit like a game.

Davide Cavalieri, Director of Radio Bau, wanted to tell the unique relationship between dog and master through a Capsule Collection. A daily confrontation made up of complicity, emotions and ... confusion! What is always created when "tough guys" start playing together.

Therefore, garments have been developed that, through the graphics without too many quirks, want to give voice to dogs and masters #BADASS and express forcefully a valuable concept that can be shared with anyone who has the honor to have a four-legged friend in one's life "Having a dog is a joy!"

From an idea by Davide Cavalieri and the encounter with Switchdog, a company that produces only 100% Pet Friendly products using cruelty free materials, t-shirts have been developed for dogs and owners and we will continue to see some beautiful ones because the collection will soon be enriched of new proposals.

Big mustaches, lively eyes and truffle noses are the graphic features that make this Capsule Collection D.a.D. recognizable, declined in a daddy, mommy and dog version.

And the operation is already having some success and attracting the attention of magazines like Animal Glamor and All Around Kaarl.

The edition is limited, like all the Capsules that are respected, which is why it is better not to hesitate and discover the whole collection on our online shop.



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