Switchdog selects brand ambassadors to show on the catwalk in Milan during the QuattroZampeInFiera event on 5 and 6 October.
We would like to have dogs of all breeds as participants for 2 days of fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week; will parade and then appear in our catalog with the dog clothing of the new Switchdog collection and with the Capsule Collection #badass created in collaboration with D.a.D. by Davide Cavalieri.

The breeds we are looking for are the same as our pets muzzles!
Let's wait: French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Pugs, Labradors, Greyhounds, Dachshunds, Westie, Bull Terriers, Cavalier King, Weimaraner, Jack Russel, Amstaff, English Bulldog, Yorkshire, Maltese, Cocker and small, medium and large breed mongrels .
For each breed 2 dogmodels will be selected that will parade respectively one on Saturday and one on Sunday.
Our protagonists can be accompanied by their coolest masters or by professional models.

The selection will take place in two steps:
FIRST STEP: the photos of the dogs will be uploaded on our social channels within the dedicated event no later than midnight of 15 July; will be collected,
evaluated and preselected by a canine fashion and bon ton expert judge: Davide Cavalieri, director of Radio Bau.
SECOND STEP: the preselected dogmodels, whose photos will be shared on our social media for the final selection, will be chosen by our followers with like and love shots; a real challenge!

Now it's up to you! Upload the best photo of your dog in the dedicated event on our Facebook page to make it known to everyone for its beauty, pride, expressiveness and sympathy! Write in the comment his name and the dog breed he is competing for.


Hi friends, I'm Switch, a French bulldog dog blogger, who wants to share his experiences with you. Let's talk about dog collar!

Today I went to the park with my uncle Wally and my mother, it rarely happens because we live in the countryside, but when we go there is always a moment of confrontation with the other 4-legged friends we meet.
The topic of discussion today was: how can we make humans understand that they can choose between dog collar or dog harness, but they have to understand some rules to make them wear so that they do not become instruments of torture for us?
His friend Labrador Sam complained that his mother always puts a collar for a dog on his neck, convinced that he throws less ... Result: when he gets home he drinks like crazy because he has no salivation and then he vomits, so he is scolded.
The fashion Chihuahua Bella (who I do not like even a bit) told of the time that her mother loses to slip a harness for small dogs with a buckle so small that it takes hours to center the little hole to close it. Sooner or later you will pee while they secure it in the object.
The English bulldog Ettore said that his dad loves to wear a nice collar for dogs that is very showy and full of spikes, so at the park the result is that nobody plays with him because we prick our tongues if we bite his neck ... ..
The Greyhound Ice who comes from a very bad rescue story and is grateful to his family for welcoming him with them, explains that he would never escape from where he is, but as several of his friends tried to do it because of the racing instinct that is inherent in their nature and is superior to anything, they force him to a harness for dogs with lots of safety hooks, but he would prefer a nice collar for dogs all studded with rhinestones, very elegant and classy, ​​but certainly you can't complain !
And then there is me, Switch, and Uncle Wally: we choose what to wear to go for a walk or to work, if the harness for dogs or the dog collar best suits our mood; we know how to go for a walk with every accessory for dogs because for a long time we went to school and we learned how to talk to mum through the dog leash she keeps and which is our man-dog communication tool. Thanks to our instructor Marco from Lucky Dog who taught us to work with our mother on behavior; my uncle and I are two males and if we can, when we are around, we are looking for some quarrel ... ..
So at the school camp I learned that I stop, pee and smell, but I don't shoot; if the mother says "let's go" I insist a bit, but if the command is decided and Laura doesn't give in a step, she stands there and waits, in the end I give up; I walk alongside Uncle Wally, but I don't run ...... Fast way!
Often the mother takes us in the car with her and if she's in a hurry she uses only one dog leash for both of us by connecting at both ends with The Work Leash and if Wally and I pull a lot and on two opposite sides we drop it ... .... This type of walk, however, is only for transfers because, again at the school camp, they taught us that every dog ​​has the right to its walk and therefore the classic "sdoppino" is strongly discouraged.
Here then my friends that I would recommend to all a correct and conscious use of collar or harness by your humans, understanding that it is equally important to use the leash for dogs connected to them.

And good walk!


This need arises from the fact that often when I go around with my humans and Uncle Wally, everyone rubs my face, caresses my head and tries to give me some kisses, but who asked? Who authorized them? Then Uncle Wally comes into play if he can trim a pinch with his teeth, as good as he is!
And so here I want to tell you: Harry, let me introduce you to the dog! My dog ​​does not like to be approached without the usual presentations.
I want to dedicate an article to explain how to do it: when a human encounters another human for the first time, it is a good idea for them to present themselves by saying their names and shaking hands; the same must be done with us hairy friends.
So when a human encounters another human with a dog, before hitting the dog, he must: move up to the dog, stretch a hand as a sign of friendship and see what happens, making sure first with the human that his dog is willing to the knowledge of strangers.
Only after this first approach will it be possible to understand if the dog is pleased to get acquainted, I don't want to know all the ladies who caress me! Some have smells (or scents) that I don't like, others are too intrusive or have too bright voices or, worse still, are accompanied by screaming babies (how much uncle Wally collides!).
Of course if the lady is lowered to my level, I see her in the eyes and she seems nice to me, then then she can also kiss me, as long as she is well with my mother: she is very jealous of me and of her uncle ……. Calmly!
I believe, Dr. Switch - my dog ​​is a Doctor, that the moment of knowledge is a very important phase of socialization, but as such it must be addressed! Often it happens when I am around that people don't ask for anything and they catapult over me or Wally like we were stuffed animals (of course we are beautiful eh !!), attention we are sweet, but with a strong character and we don't like sudden unauthorized intrusions, give us time to know and understand who we are dealing with, if we like it and then if we want to fill it with kisses and affection as only we bullies can do.
I hope that today's topic "let me introduce you to the dog" has been useful to all the friends who love dogs and also those who fear them to understand a little better how we are made and what we want. Respect for roles ... it's important!
We were born to be kissed and pampered, but by whom we bullies, word of Dr. Switch.
Keep calm and bacio tutti is my new sglogan!


Hi friends, today as Switchdog's dog blogger, Switch will show you his somewhat bizarre ideas for a perfect French bulldog look that is always fashionable.
In terms of clothing for dogs in recent times we see everything: fluttering skirts, clearly synthetic materials, wings applied to the bibs, prints of patterns difficult to sustain for the dignity of a dog ... in short, everything and more!
Without any intent to judge, but with the sole intention of providing a stylistic orientation in keeping with the dignity of the dog, we would like to propose some suggestions in terms of clothing for dogs and some rules that we believe should not be overlooked in choosing a garment that must pleasure, but that should not compromise from its main nature: protecting the dog from water or cold, remembering the nature of the animals.

Coat for dogs and coat for bulldog as an alternative to the down jacket for dogs: of any fabric it is, it must not contain materials of animal origin, let alone the down (it is no longer necessary even in human clothing as the well-known teaches for years stylist Stella Mc Cartney and must have a comfortable fit, must not pull in the armholes and in the chest, it must not suffocate and must be of very simple and fast wearability. Very important is that on the dog's skin there are materials of excellent workmanship, even better if in cotton and however, they are only 100% made in Italy, they will help prevent unnecessary dermatitis due to sweat and the itch generated by toxic and low-priced materials. Do not buy an item of clothing for dogs in a material that you would not use, even better if you do more pay attention to what you choose for the dog compared to what you buy for you! Remember that the dog cannot speak or complain, but if it stops and does not walking or scratching against the walls is a clear message of unease! Switch for example literally hates the rubber bands around the thighs or the sleeves in the legs, if it can tear them!

Waterproof for dogs and waterproof for bulldog: its total external impermeability does not exclude the total breathability in contact with the skin through cotton or hypoallergenic fabric; the possibility of having an opening on the back is also recommended for those who prefer to wear a raincoat for bulldog or similar with the bib under the head; evaluate the possibility of buying this type of clothing for dogs with or without a hood, based on the tolerance that your 4-legged friend shows on the accessory: maybe you will like it a lot, but our animals do not always love to have their clothes covered or something bouncing around his neck or head!

Sweaters for dogs or t-shirts for dogs: we believe that the same advice we gave for coats for dogs should be respected, especially in the choice of some garments like sweaters for English or French bulldogs, which are animals that need clothing for dogs designed especially for them. However, the aspect of comfort and portability to the aesthetic one is always preferred. You can be in the latest fashion even when you are comfortable!

As a dog model dog and dog blogger I hope I have made a bit of clarity on what I consider to be the main points for choosing a piece of clothing for dogs for us at 4 legs: without compromise and for our wellness!
We hope that these few guidelines can be useful and shared by our followers, a good walk and a good conscious choice: we are not dolls or toys, we have a character and a dignity that must be respected, while wanting to be fashionable and fashionable! If you like, browse our pages and evaluate our comfortable and tailor-made dog clothing for your needs and then shop wherever you want and what you want!


At home they always call me "small", but on the Internet I find myself described as a medium-sized dog: well ... Do I and Uncle Wally are small dogs? Average? Such a problem!
My friends, I write (I'm Switch, Dr. Switch) today I want to draw your attention to a very important question for me that I am a French bulldog monorchid and castrated to avoid me
subsequent complications in growth: this way I have a little less virility than my uncle Wally who is an entire male.
Here's the question of the day: Is the French bulldog a small or medium-sized dog?
In the family my mother, since I arrived third and last, always calls me "little ... ... ..
To understand something with Uncle Wally, while in the evening mum Laura and dad Pier sleep on the sofa, we took possession of the computer and we did some research discovering our main features: we have a strong but very delicate structure; they used us for fighting with the bulls, but we are one twentieth of them; in 1900 in Paris we were butchers' dogs, laborers or coachmen, but we were loved by high society and artists (we have always been creatives / creators of trouble!); we have disproportionate ears in a small head and very large eyes (to make you go even further in "jujube soup"); we have a normal gastro-intestinal apparatus, but we make powerful puzzettes; we have an invisible tail because it is rolled up like a cork, but a powerful back; we eat croquettes for small dogs, but also those for larger dogs are fine, because we are borderline, with a weight between 9 and 13 as adults.
So? Uncle Wally and I decided: we are small dogs (so they can take us everywhere and we have no limits even in public places), but giants of love !!!!! And this feature means that our spread in recent years is epidemic: the love that a French bulldog gives is special, unique and temperamentally different from any other dog.
Mind you, we don't want to offend anyone eh! Today we talk about the French bulldog and we're a bit biased! But soon we will get to know other breeds of 4-legged friends.

What is your dog breed of the heart? Report it to us and we'll talk about it here in the blog. How to do? Simple, write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the form in the contact section of the site www.switchdog.it.
In the meantime we can give you a lot of hearts like the ones that our mother did for us in the shape of dog poop bags holders, symbolizing the love that joins 6 legs every day in a unique journey: sharing one's life with a dog ; better still if there are two people and the dogs are two French bulldogs, small dogs with a heart infinitely
See you soon, and if you like follow us on www.switchdog.it and on our social media channels Facebook and Instagram.
Dr. Switch


Hi to all my friends, today I want to tell you what happens in the family when we go to the city, we country dogs!
Do you remember me? Is there any new visitor?
It is Switch, or rather Dr. Switch, the nephew of the wise uncle Wally. They are .. er ... we are the dog owners of Switchdog, the petfriendly brand of our mother Laura. He shares with her the passion for dogs, father Pier.
Whoever takes care of us is always the mother, who is a little careless and always busy, with a thousand things to do.
We left very late for our weekend in the city and Mama packed at least 4 changes of dog accessories, including our favorite Ribbon Norway harnesses in the new spring colors, 4 little coats each (but who puts them on with the heat that makes?), our dog carrier for hotel stays, bowls and baby food as if there were no tomorrow and everything necessary for a survival course of at least 30 days at the edge of the world! Ah ... Women !!
He also accessorized his bag with a personalized dog poop bag holder for her, limited edition for my dog ​​(I'm IO !!).
All perfect. Also for her and papy she filled a suitcase for a 15-day vacation and so, beautiful loads, we left for Verona, where they welcomed us with open arms at the Hotel Milano & spa; a super cool structure with fantastic views of the Arena and even more fantastic hospitality for us 4-legged.
Uncle Wally and I want to compliment this 100% PetFriendly Hotel, thank you for giving us a nice pillow (even if we have a little snubbed!). And thanks for the mini doggybag you gave us at the restaurant to enjoy your meals in the room at best!
In short, all fantastic, except for one particular ...... We make our bisognini at home in the meadow, but in the city they must be collected and of course the mother has brought her super trendy poop bag but .... IT HASN'T INSERTED A REFILL FOR THE BAGS ....... So poor Pier had to beg from the passers-by for some bags to collect our puzzettes !!! What a figure !!!
The moral of this day: go and trust women, especially with one or two dogs!
Thanks Verona for the welcome and thanks Hotel Milano & spa for the kindness and ......... thank you for existing Papy !!
Word of my dog, Dr. Switch.


Dear friends, here I am today in the role of Dr. Switch to tell you about the unique experience that we have been experiencing since the cookies that Maria Grazia Roggio of Sos Pet Cookies gave us to taste them.

My mother was desperate because Wally and I are two hypersensitive dogs, a bit of a troublemaker and sometimes in the midst of so many people a little difficult to manage; so one evening she started looking, with my supervision (Uncle Wally was clearly asleep!), on the online dog forums for something to calm down and fortunately got in touch with this artisan laboratory, specialized in the production of organic biscuits for dogs and gluten-free, super good and appetizing.
I have tasted Dr. Switch for about three months and I make daily use of both biscuits for curative dogs, and treats for dogs to brighten up the day: how we get bored all day in the office with all these people who pamper us, tell us that we are beautiful and ... disturb our sleep ... a stress of which you have no idea! Yes, we are two dogs stressed by too much work! And so every now and then from Laura's desk a welcome gift falls, a prize! Too bad the recommended doses for our weight are only 5 to 8 per day: Maria Grazia, please, increase them a bit!
Maria Grazia's company is called EatCleanItaly and their website has this address www.eatcleanitaly.com; the inspirational policy of this innovative and dynamic start-up of the Pet sector is very close to ours: they chose cruelty free and 100% made in Italy materials, do not use gluten and are 100% organic raw materials and the packaging is completely recyclable, what else? The top of dog biscuits!
I documented a bit about Bach flowers, I'm Dr. Switch for nothing! Their principles serve to support us in a natural way to overcome the hardships we experience every day, acting on our state of mind and helping us to improve the relationship that we experience every day with our four-legged friends, but also with all people with which we come into contact on 2 legs. I actually wouldn't need it, because I'm a perfect example of a balanced dog, but Uncle Wally, who has some behavior difficulties when we are around several people and sometimes gets too defensive when he thinks my mom or I are in danger, can be helped by acting on his fears from the blue pack dog biscuits "hypersensitivity and aggressiveness".

I eat my premiums for dogs instead, the Bio dog biscuits in the amber pack. My dark coat is always shiny and so I can always be the most beautiful French bulldog among Switchdog's dogmodels.
And since these biscuits for animal use are edible even for human use, every morning we count them, before Daddy Pier steal someone from us for breakfast!
Lastly, since the mother always carries the biscuits with her, she has decided to make a new transparent, PVC, washable premiere holder for dogs where we can hold our dog prizes, without losing them around the bag and always with the fashion style that distinguishes our products: here is the new Prize dog treats bag by Switchdog.
If you like trying these new products, Dr. Switch recommends it in his wisdom pills.

Until next time, hello friends!

Hi all my friends: I'm back! Switch, my dog, today he becomes a doctor, for Dr. Switch friends. Yeah, Dr. Switch and his canine wisdom pills!

I was a little absent because my human mother decided to let me follow a prestigious course of studies, she thought of sending me to America, then to England and then to France, but in the end she decided that, since she can't stay without me, an online course would have been enough: after all I'm very good at crushing the computer keys!

So now they gave me the title of Dr. Switch: I know a bit of everything, from psychology to nutrition, from behavior to posture, from fashion to anatomy, I am an all-rounder!
I also learned English: my dog ​​is the beast! Hem ... Maybe I did something wrong? All these vowels confuse me ... ... My dog ​​is intelligent (well this is Uncle Wally). My dog ​​is a doctor, it's me !!! My dog ​​is bautiful!! Mumble ... Something is missing, maybe still a vowel, I eat them!
In short, to make it short, from today I will discuss with you, in my SwitchBlog, various topics and topics.

But I can't get tired so much, I'm a bully, so I will be helped by authoritative and referenced opinions with which my Uncle Wally will come into contact, humans who will work on the cause of Dr. Switch. My dog ​​is intelligent!
Do you have topics that interest you particularly? Send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Follow us we will be online with many interesting themes for us French bulldogs and for all the other 4-legged friends who want to read our news, at the next dognews!


In the dog-loving world the debate is always open on what is the best solution for choosing the harness for dogs. Veterinarians, dog trainers and breeders often express discordant opinions about it. It seems, however, that the Norwegian harness for dogs is pleasing to everyone, first of all to the owner who manages to wear it on his dog with a certain agility.
In fact, the Norwegian harness is composed of only 2 elements, resulting in an intuitive wearability: the first element is the strap that overhangs the dog's chest.
acts as an element of control when the dog pulls too much; the second is the adjustable strap that surrounds the dog's chest. Click ... all done!
Switchdog has also thought of using a buckle with safety snap closure, further guarantee that the dog does not accidentally slip off the harness.
In addition to being particularly practical, thanks to a single adjustment, the Norwegian harness is comfortable for the dog and does not damage it, as it is structured not to burden the joints.
The only important note is to use soft materials, which do not create discomfort or ruin the dog's hair, and macro-sized, so that there is as much surface as possible in contact with the chest, giving a more fascinating sensation.
As with all Pet Friendly products, Switchdog uses fake leather that further softens with use.
Having more control over the dog does not mean inhibiting it! Even if your dog pulls too much, it will not be a leash accessory to dominate the character. We therefore suggest that you contact a dog educator who is able to understand the nature and help you to instruct him in order to establish with him a unique relationship of complicity.
The Norwegian harness for dogs by Switchdog is customizable with the name of your dog, a phrase, a graphic. Just choose the harness for dogs
Norway in red, black or two-color beige and brown and send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all the information on customization you want.
In the new spring-summer 2019 catalog you will also find the Norwegian Ribbon harness with a multi-strip ribbon in satin and fresh colors and summer.
Of course you can combine all our bibs with the leash for dogs The Leash, The Work Leash and Ribbon Leash for a total look super fashion!
Visit our website www.switchdog.it and discover all the accessories for dogs by Switchdog!


Novara will host the 21st #BulldogDay organized by C.A.B.I. - English Bulldog Amateur Club on Sunday, March 10th in the Terdoppio Park's dogs area from 14.30, on a free day for all the English bulldogs who want to get involved by challenging games organized for them, fashion shows and moments of photo shoots as real dog models, raising funds for four-legged friends in difficulty in collaboration with ENPA section of Novara.

You can register on the event page of C.A.B.I. , uploading the photo of your English bulldog, to be selected among our protagonists to try a unique day!



We will select our fashion coats for trendy dogs and our luxury accessories for dogs more suited to this breed with a soft heart, but with a powerful body and with the dogs who want to participate we will do a mini show of these products and create a mini photo set to make them protagonists of our social pages and our advertising media. The owners believe they have the perfect feeling with their dog, can try their hand at demonstrations of sitting, look at the photographer, give me the paw and give me a kiss as if there was not a tomorrow! Prepare your paws 4-legged friends, we are sure that there will be prizes and croquettes, because we all know the high level of stubbornness of our bullies who do everything for their two-legged friend, but only if there is a prize in jelly good to make a similar effort: pose for a photo dressed up all the way from our luxury accessories for dogs and fashion dog coats.

You can not miss friends English bulldogs, first cousins ​​of our two children who are French! There will be moments of pure dog fashion, we assure you!

We will also be partners of some games that will be organized by our friends of C.A.B.I., numerous participants in their activities, fun is certain!

We await your submissions by clicking on this link and uploading your four-legged friend's photo. If you like, browse through our luxury dog collections at www.switchdog.it; you will be the protagonists of a unique and pleasant day, a French bulldog word!

The Pet Family magazine talks about the details of the event in this beautiful article!

articolo pet family


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