• Collari Cani Piccola Taglia Guinzaglio Cane

Harnesses for Chihuahua

Our harnesses for dogs are studied and realized in featuring with Frate Design Lab and Switch Lab with specific aim of not stress the dog during his walk; thanks to the 8 shape wraps the dog’s body without causing injury to the soft parts.

It is very suitable for small dog mastiff like French bulldog who are our dogs, who help us daily in the design choices.

The lock is studied with rounded shape following the dog’s body.

It allows scrolling without rubbing; it has a safety device that allows locking when closed to make sure that does not open accidentally.

Further facilitation is determined by the presence of a single closure; the setting of neck is necessary only the first time, next is inserted directly without further adjustments.

We did our best to avoid the use of animal origin materials in our production, because we love and respect animals.


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