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Martedì, 26 Marzo 2019 15:03

Dr. Switch and dog treats: which to choose?

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Dear friends, here I am today in the role of Dr. Switch to tell you about the unique experience that we have been experiencing since the cookies that Maria Grazia Roggio of Sos Pet Cookies gave us to taste them.

My mother was desperate because Wally and I are two hypersensitive dogs, a bit of a troublemaker and sometimes in the midst of so many people a little difficult to manage; so one evening she started looking, with my supervision (Uncle Wally was clearly asleep!), on the online dog forums for something to calm down and fortunately got in touch with this artisan laboratory, specialized in the production of organic biscuits for dogs and gluten-free, super good and appetizing.
I have tasted Dr. Switch for about three months and I make daily use of both biscuits for curative dogs, and treats for dogs to brighten up the day: how we get bored all day in the office with all these people who pamper us, tell us that we are beautiful and ... disturb our sleep ... a stress of which you have no idea! Yes, we are two dogs stressed by too much work! And so every now and then from Laura's desk a welcome gift falls, a prize! Too bad the recommended doses for our weight are only 5 to 8 per day: Maria Grazia, please, increase them a bit!
Maria Grazia's company is called EatCleanItaly and their website has this address; the inspirational policy of this innovative and dynamic start-up of the Pet sector is very close to ours: they chose cruelty free and 100% made in Italy materials, do not use gluten and are 100% organic raw materials and the packaging is completely recyclable, what else? The top of dog biscuits!
I documented a bit about Bach flowers, I'm Dr. Switch for nothing! Their principles serve to support us in a natural way to overcome the hardships we experience every day, acting on our state of mind and helping us to improve the relationship that we experience every day with our four-legged friends, but also with all people with which we come into contact on 2 legs. I actually wouldn't need it, because I'm a perfect example of a balanced dog, but Uncle Wally, who has some behavior difficulties when we are around several people and sometimes gets too defensive when he thinks my mom or I are in danger, can be helped by acting on his fears from the blue pack dog biscuits "hypersensitivity and aggressiveness".

I eat my premiums for dogs instead, the Bio dog biscuits in the amber pack. My dark coat is always shiny and so I can always be the most beautiful French bulldog among Switchdog's dogmodels.
And since these biscuits for animal use are edible even for human use, every morning we count them, before Daddy Pier steal someone from us for breakfast!
Lastly, since the mother always carries the biscuits with her, she has decided to make a new transparent, PVC, washable premiere holder for dogs where we can hold our dog prizes, without losing them around the bag and always with the fashion style that distinguishes our products: here is the new Prize dog treats bag by Switchdog.
If you like trying these new products, Dr. Switch recommends it in his wisdom pills.

Until next time, hello friends!

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