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Are French bulldogs small or medium-sized dogs? I feel like a giant in love!

Are French bulldogs small or medium-sized dogs? I feel like a giant in love!
05 Apr


At home they always call me "small", but on the Internet I find myself described as a medium-sized dog: well ... Do I and Uncle Wally are small dogs? Average? Such a problem!
My friends, I write (I'm Switch, Dr. Switch) today I want to draw your attention to a very important question for me that I am a French bulldog monorchid and castrated to avoid me
subsequent complications in growth: this way I have a little less virility than my uncle Wally who is an entire male.
Here's the question of the day: Is the French bulldog a small or medium-sized dog?
In the family my mother, since I arrived third and last, always calls me "little ... ... ..
To understand something with Uncle Wally, while in the evening mum Laura and dad Pier sleep on the sofa, we took possession of the computer and we did some research discovering our main features: we have a strong but very delicate structure; they used us for fighting with the bulls, but we are one twentieth of them; in 1900 in Paris we were butchers' dogs, laborers or coachmen, but we were loved by high society and artists (we have always been creatives / creators of trouble!); we have disproportionate ears in a small head and very large eyes (to make you go even further in "jujube soup"); we have a normal gastro-intestinal apparatus, but we make powerful puzzettes; we have an invisible tail because it is rolled up like a cork, but a powerful back; we eat croquettes for small dogs, but also those for larger dogs are fine, because we are borderline, with a weight between 9 and 13 as adults.
So? Uncle Wally and I decided: we are small dogs (so they can take us everywhere and we have no limits even in public places), but giants of love !!!!! And this feature means that our spread in recent years is epidemic: the love that a French bulldog gives is special, unique and temperamentally different from any other dog.
Mind you, we don't want to offend anyone eh! Today we talk about the French bulldog and we're a bit biased! But soon we will get to know other breeds of 4-legged friends.

What is your dog breed of the heart? Report it to us and we'll talk about it here in the blog. How to do? Simple, write an email to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. or fill out the form in the contact section of the site www.switchdog.it.
In the meantime we can give you a lot of hearts like the ones that our mother did for us in the shape of dog poop bags holders, symbolizing the love that joins 6 legs every day in a unique journey: sharing one's life with a dog ; better still if there are two people and the dogs are two French bulldogs, small dogs with a heart infinitely
See you soon, and if you like follow us on www.switchdog.it and on our social media channels Facebook and Instagram.
Dr. Switch

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