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Giovedì, 11 Aprile 2019 14:34

The perfect look: what should not be missing in a french bulldog's wardrobe?

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Hi friends, today as Switchdog's dog blogger, Switch will show you his somewhat bizarre ideas for a perfect French bulldog look that is always fashionable.
In terms of clothing for dogs in recent times we see everything: fluttering skirts, clearly synthetic materials, wings applied to the bibs, prints of patterns difficult to sustain for the dignity of a dog ... in short, everything and more!
Without any intent to judge, but with the sole intention of providing a stylistic orientation in keeping with the dignity of the dog, we would like to propose some suggestions in terms of clothing for dogs and some rules that we believe should not be overlooked in choosing a garment that must pleasure, but that should not compromise from its main nature: protecting the dog from water or cold, remembering the nature of the animals.

Coat for dogs and coat for bulldog as an alternative to the down jacket for dogs: of any fabric it is, it must not contain materials of animal origin, let alone the down (it is no longer necessary even in human clothing as the well-known teaches for years stylist Stella Mc Cartney and must have a comfortable fit, must not pull in the armholes and in the chest, it must not suffocate and must be of very simple and fast wearability. Very important is that on the dog's skin there are materials of excellent workmanship, even better if in cotton and however, they are only 100% made in Italy, they will help prevent unnecessary dermatitis due to sweat and the itch generated by toxic and low-priced materials. Do not buy an item of clothing for dogs in a material that you would not use, even better if you do more pay attention to what you choose for the dog compared to what you buy for you! Remember that the dog cannot speak or complain, but if it stops and does not walking or scratching against the walls is a clear message of unease! Switch for example literally hates the rubber bands around the thighs or the sleeves in the legs, if it can tear them!

Waterproof for dogs and waterproof for bulldog: its total external impermeability does not exclude the total breathability in contact with the skin through cotton or hypoallergenic fabric; the possibility of having an opening on the back is also recommended for those who prefer to wear a raincoat for bulldog or similar with the bib under the head; evaluate the possibility of buying this type of clothing for dogs with or without a hood, based on the tolerance that your 4-legged friend shows on the accessory: maybe you will like it a lot, but our animals do not always love to have their clothes covered or something bouncing around his neck or head!

Sweaters for dogs or t-shirts for dogs: we believe that the same advice we gave for coats for dogs should be respected, especially in the choice of some garments like sweaters for English or French bulldogs, which are animals that need clothing for dogs designed especially for them. However, the aspect of comfort and portability to the aesthetic one is always preferred. You can be in the latest fashion even when you are comfortable!

As a dog model dog and dog blogger I hope I have made a bit of clarity on what I consider to be the main points for choosing a piece of clothing for dogs for us at 4 legs: without compromise and for our wellness!
We hope that these few guidelines can be useful and shared by our followers, a good walk and a good conscious choice: we are not dolls or toys, we have a character and a dignity that must be respected, while wanting to be fashionable and fashionable! If you like, browse our pages and evaluate our comfortable and tailor-made dog clothing for your needs and then shop wherever you want and what you want!

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