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Martedì, 30 Aprile 2019 13:50

Learn to use the dog collar or the harness

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Hi friends, I'm Switch, a French bulldog dog blogger, who wants to share his experiences with you. Let's talk about dog collar!

Today I went to the park with my uncle Wally and my mother, it rarely happens because we live in the countryside, but when we go there is always a moment of confrontation with the other 4-legged friends we meet.
The topic of discussion today was: how can we make humans understand that they can choose between dog collar or dog harness, but they have to understand some rules to make them wear so that they do not become instruments of torture for us?
His friend Labrador Sam complained that his mother always puts a collar for a dog on his neck, convinced that he throws less ... Result: when he gets home he drinks like crazy because he has no salivation and then he vomits, so he is scolded.
The fashion Chihuahua Bella (who I do not like even a bit) told of the time that her mother loses to slip a harness for small dogs with a buckle so small that it takes hours to center the little hole to close it. Sooner or later you will pee while they secure it in the object.
The English bulldog Ettore said that his dad loves to wear a nice collar for dogs that is very showy and full of spikes, so at the park the result is that nobody plays with him because we prick our tongues if we bite his neck ... ..
The Greyhound Ice who comes from a very bad rescue story and is grateful to his family for welcoming him with them, explains that he would never escape from where he is, but as several of his friends tried to do it because of the racing instinct that is inherent in their nature and is superior to anything, they force him to a harness for dogs with lots of safety hooks, but he would prefer a nice collar for dogs all studded with rhinestones, very elegant and classy, ​​but certainly you can't complain !
And then there is me, Switch, and Uncle Wally: we choose what to wear to go for a walk or to work, if the harness for dogs or the dog collar best suits our mood; we know how to go for a walk with every accessory for dogs because for a long time we went to school and we learned how to talk to mum through the dog leash she keeps and which is our man-dog communication tool. Thanks to our instructor Marco from Lucky Dog who taught us to work with our mother on behavior; my uncle and I are two males and if we can, when we are around, we are looking for some quarrel ... ..
So at the school camp I learned that I stop, pee and smell, but I don't shoot; if the mother says "let's go" I insist a bit, but if the command is decided and Laura doesn't give in a step, she stands there and waits, in the end I give up; I walk alongside Uncle Wally, but I don't run ...... Fast way!
Often the mother takes us in the car with her and if she's in a hurry she uses only one dog leash for both of us by connecting at both ends with The Work Leash and if Wally and I pull a lot and on two opposite sides we drop it ... .... This type of walk, however, is only for transfers because, again at the school camp, they taught us that every dog ​​has the right to its walk and therefore the classic "sdoppino" is strongly discouraged.
Here then my friends that I would recommend to all a correct and conscious use of collar or harness by your humans, understanding that it is equally important to use the leash for dogs connected to them.

And good walk!

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